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  1. Not a nightmare, simply a mildly irritating recuring dream
  2. Need help interperting and controling a vivid recurring dream I have started having
  3. Drugged, Disoriented Nearly hit by a car....
  4. Boyfriends & goblins
  5. Haunting Ghost Dreams
  6. Waking yourself up
  7. Indescribable Recurring Dream Since I Was 4
  8. Nightmare/lucid.
  9. There's no place like home...click-click-click
  10. interrogated by Jack Nicholson look-a-like. Didn't kiss me.
  11. How it all started
  12. Dreams of torture through the eyes of another
  13. Article in THE GUARDIAN now: What do anxiety dreams mean?
  14. Triggered
  15. Different dreams, same shadow figures
  16. Nightmares upon nightmares!!
  17. Bitten by white pony
  18. The Big Bolder Dream
  19. Spinning in darkness
  20. Impossible Task Night Terror
  21. Pushed my mom out of the way.
  22. Kinda confused a bit
  23. Running to my friend
  24. Put to death for Lucid dreaming, witchcraft and treachery.
  25. Wooden Man and Drowned Cat
  26. Gay incest
  27. hot oatmeal and seaweed
  28. Recurring Dreams of Rape and Nightmares
  29. Repetitive Rape/Violent Nightmares
  30. Same Night terror shared between me and gf
  31. Holocaust Dream.
  32. First Dream I can remember in ages and its a night terror
  33. Nightmares relating to my house
  34. Horrifying reoccurring childhood dream
  35. Nightmares when I'm feeling great but better dreams when things are not so great?
  36. Help!
  37. Recurring dreams of middle school best friend/crush
  38. Night terror or sleep paralysis
  39. Called a Number I Got in a Dream
  40. Weird dream need explanation
  41. Several recurring dreams.
  42. My Nightmares
  43. Recurring nightmare in childhood predicted future injury?
  44. Childhood Recurring Nightmare that was Unspeakable
  45. Experiencing the take-off and landing parts of air travel, repeatedly
  46. The water
  47. Lucid Nightmares
  48. Colony of African Driver Ants.
  49. Imprisoned in an asylum by silent monks who bite me if I go near them or try to leave
  50. Extremely Violent Nightmares
  51. Tickle Nightmare
  52. Recurring Nightmares are really harming me
  53. Asian Demon
  54. Strange recurring dream about Jesus killing me?
  55. Learning to fly recurring dream
  56. Reoccuring man
  57. Recurring nightmares while sick..
  58. Dream about finding true love and the person dies.
  59. I'm a little terrified
  60. Recurring Dream? Or Something Else?
  61. Nightmare I want to understand.
  62. Lucid nightmares and multiple false awakening
  63. Everyone's Trying to Kill Me
  64. 2 Recurring Dreams (Usually very horrific)
  65. (long) Nightmares every night, I need help.
  66. Invasion
  67. recurring nightmares (HELP me understand)
  68. I have recurring nightmares, but this one didn't fit...
  69. Recurring dream involving transportation
  70. Nightmare stories
  71. Gross, very disturbing dream involving blood and periods (sorry)
  72. Bizarre recurring creature from dreams induces nocturnal emissions
  73. Chased and getting my heart ripped out
  74. Please help, recurring nightmares for years, recently lost parent
  75. issues with Astral projection beings
  76. Recurring nine-tailed fox spirit dream
  77. Hair Falling Out?
  78. Recurring Nightmare - Octopus Swimming Pool
  79. Is this sleep paralysis, or was I just having nightmares?
  80. Reoccurring man and situations
  81. The Dark room
  82. Most terrifying false awakening
  83. Nightmares: waking up screaming and crying
  84. A lion in my flat
  85. How can I induce a nightmare
  86. Recurring tsunami death nightmare
  87. Pulling or popping nasty stuff out off my body
  88. Anyone else seen dreams with this creature?
  89. Dream that got me afraid of dark (UNSOLVED)
  90. What is my dream about when I'm a security guard in a pizza parlor.
  91. water with sharks, crocodiles or monsters
  92. Childhood dreams that are bothering me now....
  93. I can't stop this recurring dream. Do I wan't it?
  94. What does my dream mean?
  95. Risk Factors Of Frequent Nightmares Identified In New Study
  96. nightmare after taking clarithromycin
  97. Recurring dream.
  98. I want to resolve and end these dreams that are related to past trauma!
  99. Lately my dreams...
  100. Tornadoes - Recurring Dreams With Specific Details
  101. I am the nightmarish character
  102. Recurring dreams where I think I'm awake and experience sleep paralysis
  103. Recurring dream - don't want to act on it...
  104. Dictator recurring dream
  105. Accessing memories that were buried, unresolved, or traumatic?
  106. Malicious DCs and frequent sleep paralysis.
  107. Recurring Sleep Paralysis
  108. Unsettling dreams for 15 months ongoing
  109. Continuous dream once a year
  110. Running & Flying Dream
  111. Nightmare inducing for content in my game.
  112. Terrifying inanimate objects in night terrors, evil presence, sleep paralysis
  113. Very traumatizing dream about school shooting
  114. FIRST POST - common dream, need help
  115. Super heavy bouncing ball
  116. Recurring nightmare cause or meaning?
  117. Stuck inside a nightmare lucid dream.
  118. Documentation on ending recurring dreams? How to stop Recurring Dreams
  119. zombie dog
  120. NMs every night 1 year or more
  121. Watching myself die brutally.
  122. Recurring Texture Nightmare: Leaves me sweating!
  123. please help! demonic possession dream
  124. best friend dies of cancer
  125. Surgery. cement maze, and screaming in agony in the hospital?
  126. Falling Asleep... In My Dreams?!
  127. Demonic Child Possession
  128. Recurring dream of unknown girl I'm in love
  129. I'm confused, please help
  130. Reocurring Nightmare Involving Serpents
  131. same nightmare two nights in a row please help
  132. Reoccurring dreams about being eaten
  133. Rape dreams 4 nights in a row?
  134. My Story of Overcoming my Nightmares so far (Part 2) -Mediation
  135. Have to go back to high school again
  136. Re-occuring dream of my first job
  137. I need help please
  138. Reoccurring night terror
  139. Is it a dream?
  140. Disturbing Dreams
  141. Somewhat Lucid/False Awakening Nightmare
  142. Recurring Dream throughout life - on the run and being hunted
  143. recurring dream Black wolf
  144. Hallucination, sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, separation from reality... Whatevr you wanna call it
  145. Weird recurring zombie attack dream?
  146. In need of some explination - a recurring nightmare
  147. Need help understanding nightmare?
  148. Murdered in my dream?
  149. Recurring Nightmare
  150. 3rd story point of view?
  151. Strange Recurring dream for last month
  152. My Story of Overcoming my Nightmares so far (Part 1)
  153. Repetitive nightmares and Freud
  154. Will it ever stop and what is it?
  155. Disaster dreams
  156. Nightmares Can Be Your Friend
  157. Please help!!
  158. recurring dream since i was young
  159. Nightmares all my life :(
  160. Weird Puppet Dream
  161. To terrified to sleep
  162. Recurring school dream
  163. having repetetive dreams about people who used to bully me
  164. Dying and Staying in the dream
  165. Reoccurring Dreams Should Be Nightmares
  166. Weird, Violent Nightmare
  167. How common is it, to get a dream like this of someone who's died?
  168. Why the fear follows me to my dreams but not the positive or things I like?
  169. Dreaming about shops
  170. Reoccurring Apocalyptic dreams
  171. Recurring dream of being unable to get out of a place......
  172. Worst nightmare...
  173. Death nightmare
  174. Reoccurring Locations and People in My Dreams
  175. Different beginning, same ending
  176. Recurring Dream about the same person
  177. Why are Nightmares the most Vivid?
  178. Huge dice and needle chasing me. What does this mean?
  179. Younger sister chasing me
  180. Recurring dreams of myself doing horrible things
  181. Dying
  182. The reoccurrence nightmare that's plagued me since childhood.
  183. Reoccurring nightmare
  184. Reoccuring theme of cats/white animals?
  185. recurring nightmares since i was in the third grade
  186. Being held hostage
  187. Recurring demonic dreams, maybe even ritual...
  188. Weird Dreams | Permanent Night
  189. recurring INSANE dreamz
  190. Seeking Help with a Grotesque and Gory Dream.... maybe even demonic
  191. Strange Wolves
  192. Strange dream reacurance
  193. Nightmare that I can never remember but makes me wake up absolutely terrified
  194. intense nightmare
  195. Recurring Dream About My Dead Wife
  196. False Awaking Nightmare (Going Two Levels Deep)
  197. A reoccuring dream, the car and the boy
  198. Recurring sex dreams
  199. 3 nights being hugged while near ice/freezer
  200. Vibrations
  201. Dream about giant,extremely intelligent, telepathic spider
  202. Two recurring dreams: ex and hiding
  203. Recurring dream about high school
  204. Recurring dream where you're a different person?
  205. Recurring sucked out of window dream
  206. Nightmares every night!
  207. Forgetting My Prayers, Ghost Girl
  208. Recurring Nightmare Causes Physical Pain
  209. Is Religion the source of nightmares?
  210. This is getting old.
  211. Part-2 the previous reoccouring dream.
  212. Green plauge
  213. Haunted by a dead monster for 7 years
  214. Recurring creepy white dream
  215. weird reoccuring dream
  216. Pregnancy dream
  217. Me and my mum had the same recurring nightmares
  218. Recurring Dream
  219. "It's time for gangbang!"
  220. The most terrifying dream you have ever had?
  221. Most Disturbing Dream I've had in Years
  222. Nightmares every night now.
  223. Old nightmares, followed by new ones
  224. Giant Bugs and being Stuck in the Road?
  225. Deathly afraid of dreaming!
  226. dreams about rape won't go away?!
  227. The Trains are after me!
  228. The Archangel
  229. Extremely violent nightmares, this one about brutal killing
  230. Strangling a cat
  231. Some thing weird
  232. Same dream my mother had when she was little
  233. Recurring Emotional Nightmares
  234. Wolves in reoccurring dreams
  235. Reoccurring dream about ex
  236. Weird Dreams Need Some Help.
  237. Screeching sound, woman rape and shadowy figure.
  238. The end of the dream
  239. Recurring crush and a cabin on the woods
  240. Recurring dream
  241. The elevator
  242. Recurring type of nightmare
  243. Recurring - dark images, spiders and snakes. PLUS a childhood dream.
  244. I've been having nightmares since childhood..help!
  245. Death itself killed me.
  246. Need some advice about Nightmares
  247. Nightmares mix up with reality during sleep Paralysis
  248. Most aweful nightmare I've ever experienced
  249. Torturing nightmares for 2 years, won't stop.
  250. Family attacked