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  1. Tell me about sailing
  2. Tell me about self-modification
  3. Tell me about quotation marks
  4. Tell me about making jewelry
  5. Ask me about Vietnam.
  6. Tell me about being monotone
  7. Tell me about Bike Repair?
  8. Tell me about transplanting (?) trees...
  9. Tell Me About Boxing
  10. do you know about spar bowling
  11. Tell me about mud bogging
  12. Tell me about cosmetic surgery...
  13. Ask Me For Financial Advice
  14. Tell me about "pillow fighting" on Facebook.
  15. Tell Me How to Stop a Habit.
  16. Tell me about Costa Rica!!!
  17. Tell me about what you do for a living
  18. Tell me how to start my own business...
  19. Tell me about braces
  20. Tell me About Your Cheesey Bonding Experiences
  21. Tell me about some martial arts...
  22. Tell me about changing who I am.
  23. Tell me about binaural beats.
  24. Which to buy?
  25. Tell me - When did you Become you!
  26. Tell me about songs every guitar player should know.
  27. Tell me when in a situation where a hostage is taken...
  28. Tell me about pick up lines you actually have used.
  29. Tell me about approaching people.
  30. Tell me about electric drum sets/pads.
  31. tell me about meditation without using the word chakra
  32. Tell me about gore
  33. Tell me about the cost of ale in England
  34. Tell me about fixing earbuds
  35. Tell me about Non Nobis Domine
  36. Tell me about coding
  37. Tell me about the internet
  38. Tell me about cold sores.
  39. Tell Me About Weightlifting and Building Muscle
  40. Tell me about self-education.
  41. Ask me about C / C++
  42. Tell me about topology
  43. Tell me about AP Psychology.
  44. tell me about recording music
  45. Anyone know how to get grants?
  46. Tell me about inkblot/ Rorschach tests.
  47. Tell Me About Becoming a Computer Geek
  48. Tell me everything you know about calculus
  49. Ask me about Therianthropy
  50. Tell me about baking!
  51. Marathon Runners: tell me stuff!
  52. Ask me about how to play guitar FAST!.
  53. Tell me how to improve circulation
  54. Tell me what's wrong with my eyes.
  55. Tell Me About Skydiving
  56. Tell me about Bland/Soft Diets
  57. Tell me about this conundrum
  58. Ask me about Metal!
  59. Tell me about Car Price Bargaining. (DON'T PAY STICKER PRICES!)
  60. Tell me about vaporizers and atomizers
  61. If you were to teach a science lesson
  62. Tell me how to make icons bigger
  63. Tell me about Verizon Fios
  64. Tell me how to train my reaction
  65. Tell me how to make an animal shelter
  66. Tell me about Eye Contact.
  67. Tell me why I get a sore throat...
  68. Tell me about how to take a teenage girl out on a date
  69. Tell me about Skin Tags
  70. Tell me about mosquito bites
  71. Tell me about your favorite love song
  72. Tell me about taking out a loan
  73. Ask me about hosting a foreign exchange student
  74. Tell me about getting stright hair
  75. Tell me a term for excessive socialization.
  76. Tell me about a negative trait you have
  77. Ask me about bass guitar
  78. Ask me about Mortal Kombat
  79. Tell me about Body Language
  80. Tell me about Compulsions
  81. Tell me about growing hair
  82. Tell me about the U.S.A!
  83. Tell me about Film Festivals
  84. Tell Me About Water Fasting
  85. Tell me about ways to improve my car.
  86. Tell me about woodworking
  87. Tell me how to Organize
  88. Tell me about Dyscalculia
  89. Ask me/Tell me ABout Driving
  90. Tell Me About Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed
  91. Tell me about Binaural Beats
  92. Tell me about Goosebumps
  93. Tell me about learning electric guitar
  94. Tell me how to gauging?
  95. Tell me about bigfoot
  96. tell me about making my own songs
  97. tell me/Show me pictures of your pets
  98. Tell Me About Opening a Summer Camp
  99. Tell me about a positive trait you have that you think is attractive.
  100. Tell me about some good movie quotes...
  101. Answer my questionnaire about Internet Censorship (please? ^^)
  102. tell me about quitting smoking.
  103. Tell me what kind of piano or keyboard I should buy
  104. Help me with java problem. (quickly!)
  105. Tell me about a free Audio-DVD burner for mac.
  106. Tell me about Generators
  107. tell me about travelling and safety
  108. Explain the process of scarification tattooing
  109. Tell me how well YOU think you eat
  110. tell me of thrill.
  111. Tell me about physics
  112. Tell me about learning Japanese.
  113. Tell me about psychedelics
  114. Tell me about realistically photographing the moon. Please?
  115. Tell me about a girl's/woman's instinct to buy things.
  116. Tell me about self-creation
  117. Tell me if having a friend ask a girl out for me is a good idea
  118. Tell me....Weight training
  119. Tell me about Taxes
  120. Tell me about Euthanasia
  121. Tell me about card Sharp devices and techniques
  122. Ask me about Flash game development.
  123. The Unconscious Mind + The "Monster Within"
  124. tell me about confidence
  125. Tell me about what you think of Sibiu, Romania.
  126. Tell me what you think of this song.
  127. Tell me about american (or any other) high schools (and ask me about serbian high schools)
  128. Tell me about a boy's/man's instinct to fight.
  129. Tell me about meditation
  130. Tell me about being homeless.
  131. Tell me everything about Survivalists
  132. Tell me about building singing voice and range
  133. Tell me about plastic
  134. Tell me (or ask me) about body language/microexpression
  135. Tell me about Sonar/Radar
  136. Tell me about diabetes in cats.
  137. Tell me about lacrosse...
  138. Tell me about ACTING
  139. Tell me about vaccinations
  140. Tell me about re-writing your mind
  141. Tell me about Nintendo DS games
  142. Tell me about binaural beats
  143. Tell me about cats in heat
  144. Tell Me about composing music.
  145. tell me about astronomy
  146. Tell me what I can do for my strait jacket (embroidery?)
  147. Is it possible to be around a sound so loud...
  148. Tell me about court subpoenas
  149. Tell me about being a great boyfriend.
  150. Tell me about procrastination.
  151. Tell me about Food
  152. Tell me about dead human beings!!
  153. Tell me about the digestive system
  154. Tell me about Yoga
  155. Tell Me About Chin Na
  156. Ask me about hypnosis
  157. Tell me about joining the Navy (US)
  158. Tell me about Bhutan, and Mongolia
  159. Tell me how to learn a Russian accent.
  160. tell me about 2ct2
  161. tell me about your happiest memories
  162. Ask/tell me about fencing.
  163. Ask us about college/university
  164. tell me about your favorite beer
  165. Who Meditates?!
  166. Tell Me About being shy?
  167. Tell me about your pockets
  168. Tell me about finding a friend from highschool
  169. Tell me about Beijing
  170. Tell me everything you know about self hypnosis!!!!!!
  171. Tell me about energy drinks
  172. Tell me when writing is it OK to...
  173. Tell me about your morning\daily run.
  174. Tell me about ADVANCED audio engineering. (mixing)
  175. Tell me about creating a website
  176. tell me about australia
  177. Your iPod Touch applications
  178. Tell me about how artists use/employ light
  179. Tell me about supercapacitors!
  180. Tell me about the Polio vaccination?
  181. Tell me how to make alcohol!
  182. Tell me about this video...
  183. Ask me about sauna :>
  184. Tell me where's the old DV staff?
  185. Tell me about the death of disco.
  186. Tell me about Pentecostal, and why people fall over in church!
  187. Tell me why Psychology is a bad career choice.
  188. Tell me about "being broke"
  189. The Illuminati
  190. Tell me how you flirt?
  191. Tell me about stereotypes.
  192. Ask me about Betta splendens
  193. Tell me About Graphics Tablets and Software
  194. Tell Me About Drawing Trees
  195. Ask me about magic/performing
  196. Tell me about Drunken Fist?
  197. Tell Me About Growing Up
  198. Tell me about Quantum Physics
  199. Tell me about martial arts.
  200. Tell me how to say something in your native language
  201. How do you take care of a tattoo, if you're lazy?
  202. Tell me about your Dream Guide
  203. Tell me about harmonica, and also stringed instruments.
  204. What's your favorite Christmas Song?
  205. Tell me about 11 yr old boys
  206. erm.. coffin for one please.
  207. How Many Pounds?
  208. Tell me what is your favorite foreign country?
  209. Tell me what makes you happy!
  210. tell me of girls...
  211. Tell me about this Cat
  212. tell me about archery
  213. Tell me if extreme magnetic fields have an effect on life
  214. Tell me about losing the big V.
  215. tell me about gastritis
  216. Tell me how to start my day off...and have self discipline.
  217. Tell me about garage band (on mac)
  218. Tell Me About Making Money Without a Job
  219. Tell me about Dreamviews.
  220. Tell me, Can you stop physics?
  221. Tell Me About "Blogging"
  222. Tell me how to change my IP.
  223. Tell me about buying a guitar
  224. The measure of a wo/man
  225. Tell me about: The most pain you have ever experienced
  226. Can you be friends with your boss?
  227. What did the great philosophers do for a living?
  228. What are you thankful for?
  229. Parkour
  230. Tell me about buying longboards
  231. Tell Me About Inkblots (Rorschach)
  232. Tell me about the languages you know
  233. Is a 3.8 GPA good enough to get into a pretty good college?
  234. Tell me about wasting time reading, and not doing.
  235. Tell me how to improve my terrible college essay
  236. Tell me who here is not freaking ignorant
  237. help me become better
  238. Tell me about freerunning!
  239. Tell me about the human body
  240. Tell Me About Regs Regarding Interrogations...
  241. Tell me: do you fly?
  242. Tell me about: Vancouver
  243. Tell me about your favorite Pandora station
  244. Job question
  245. Tell me would you date outside your race?
  246. Tell me HOW to revise for an exam/test.
  247. Do you like to watch?
  248. tell me how to make the world a better place
  249. Tell me how much looks matter to you.
  250. Question Regarding Body, Mind and Concious State.