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  1. Tell me your new year's resolutions for 2008
  2. Tell me about facial shaving
  3. Tell me how to be sharper
  4. Tell me about the dangers of Water
  5. Tell me about your other half or crush
  6. Telll me about 'Sleep'
  7. Tell me about the worst...
  8. Tell me about weight loss
  9. Tell me about your significant other.
  10. Tell me about trigonometric functions
  11. Tell Me: The First Nude Person You Saw (Nudity within)
  12. Tell me how to put these bloody ereplugs in without hurting my head!
  13. Tell me about being stuck in the snow.
  14. Tell me about veagon diets
  15. Tell me how to pass my chem midterm
  16. Tell me about that pink glow in the sky
  17. Tell me about singing and how to become good at it
  18. Tell me how to make my mum sober (PLEASE)
  19. Tell me about internet promotion.
  20. Tell me about Vampires
  21. Tell me about the slang in your area
  22. Tell me about: Endoscopic sinus surgery
  23. Tell me about the third eye.
  24. Tell me what stuff are you selling on ebay?
  25. Tell me about: How the upcomming generation
  26. Tell me about Americans
  27. Tell me about Qi Gong and Tai Chi
  28. Tell me about how to look cool/hot
  29. Tell me about the meaning of Cool.
  30. Tell me about America...
  31. Tell Me Your Biggest Secret?
  32. Ask Me About the Human Senses
  33. straight razors
  34. Tell Me About Sex
  35. Tell me about when you have been threatened with death.
  36. Tell me opinions about clockwork orange.
  37. Tell me about what high and low pressure is
  38. Ask me about Beatboxing
  39. Tell me about your energy saving habbits...
  40. Tell me about thanksgiving.
  41. dogma
  42. tell me about your most prized possessions
  43. I Tell You About The Military
  44. Tell me...about Brechtian Theate :P
  45. Tell me about MMORPGs.
  46. tell me how to make a youtube music video
  47. Tell me about good ways to self-teach a foreign language.
  48. Tell me about your favorite lucid dream
  49. Tell me about love
  50. Tell me about whether dogs see dead people.
  51. Tell me about Adobe Illustrator
  52. Tell me how you download youtube music to your ipod
  53. Tell me about 'that moment' of heaven.
  54. Ask me about astrology
  55. Tell me about the Presidential candidates
  56. tell me about infinity
  57. Tell me about your worst relationship break up!
  58. Tell me who lives in Surrey?
  59. Tell me...Does music make you visualize, or "see" a storyline in your head?
  60. Tell me.. will you be getting a flu shot?
  61. Tell me what your favoirte gas station food is
  62. Tell me about your thoughts on Halloween
  63. Tell me your favourite ways to deal with a cold
  64. Tell me how you stay awake while driving?
  65. Tell me about what fragrance you wear
  66. Tell Me About the Jewelry You Wear
  67. tell me a few odd things about yourself.
  68. Tell me about Religion.
  69. Tell me about your dissertation.
  70. Tell Me What Motivates You!
  71. Ask me about the CCF
  72. Tell me about how you met your partner or "picked someone up".
  73. Tell Me About Scientology
  74. Ask me about martial arts
  75. Ask me about gold and silver jewelry repair.
  76. Tell me about TORRENTS..
  77. Tell me .. do you dance?
  78. Tell me about a new haircut
  79. Ask me about myself
  80. Tell Me About Yourself = p
  81. Have you ever been caught/caught (somebody) masturbating?
  82. Tell me About Spots and Acne
  83. Ask me about anything that's going on in my life.
  84. Tell me about 'going steady'
  85. Tell Me Some Good Tourist Locations in US
  86. Tell me how to ask a girl out
  87. Ask me about Graphic Design
  88. Tell me A Story from your Life
  89. Tell Me About Adrenaline Sports
  90. Tell Me About Photography
  91. Tell me about Nashville
  92. Tell me about the flute or violin
  93. Tell me a little bit about the person you love.
  94. Tell Me About Playing Games on a Macbook.
  95. Tell me about aviation
  96. Tell me about getting your nipple pierced
  97. Tell me about your most favourite Memory
  98. Tell me about your most controversial view.
  99. Tell me about getting drunk
  100. Tell me about being successful on the new SAT
  101. Tell me about good DVDs to rent.
  102. Tell me how to handle rude people.
  103. Tell me about how to find the "ask me about C++" thread
  104. Tell me about the spelling of the word weird/wierd
  105. Tell me about good mobile phones (UK)
  106. Tell me how long you have been lucid dreaming for?
  107. Tell me about your favorite thing to cook?
  108. Tell me about exchanges!
  109. Ask/Tell me about Snowboarding.
  110. Tell me about photoshop!!
  111. Tell me how to do the alveolar trill (rolling r's with the tounge)
  112. Tell me why you don't get along with your parents..
  113. bed against the wall
  114. Tell me about the French language
  115. Tell me about "your" Life so far
  116. Tell me about that ratty piece of clothing you can't throw out!
  117. Tell me Band Camp Stories
  118. Tell Me How to Pronounce Harry Potter Spells
  119. tell my why (read this)
  120. Tell Me About Wilderness Survival Skills
  121. Tell me... About your pre-cognative dreams
  122. Tell me the biggest post count you've ever seen.
  123. Tell me what the heck is a Chav
  124. Tell me if this is fair
  125. Tell me.. what are you "anal" about?
  126. Tell me about working out without weights
  127. Tell me how to break into my own car
  128. Tell me about your fantasies/dreams
  129. Ran over a dog.. tell me has anyone ever done this?
  130. Tell me about your first kiss!
  131. Tell me your work out schedule
  132. Tell me about Libya
  133. Tell me about life outside of the city
  134. Tell Me about taking tablets
  135. Tell me about your favorite teacher!
  136. Tell Me about... Meditation
  137. Tell me about the Dutch language
  138. Tell me about " The Big Bang "
  139. Tell me about Gelling/Waxing your hair
  140. Tell me about your thoughts on body hair
  141. Where the hell are all the good single women at? Do they even exist or am I'm living a lie?
  142. Tell me about SPORT!
  143. Tell me about Tattoo's
  144. Ask me about horses
  145. Tell me what you live/kill/die for.
  146. Tell me about - Summertime music
  147. Ask me about CFG generators
  148. Tell me about what you collect!
  149. Tell me about your job & wages.
  150. Ask me about yo-yos
  151. Do you guys prefer big or small butts?
  152. Tell me about ice skating
  153. Ask Me About Knives
  154. tell me some good songs
  155. Tell me the stupidest thing you've ever heard
  156. Tell Me About Parkour
  157. Ask me about being agnostic/athiest
  158. Tell me about (Fractal) Art
  159. Tell me about "Entheology"
  160. Ask or tell me about breath-holding skill underwater
  161. Tell me about basic French
  162. Tell me about the German language
  163. Which means more to you..
  164. The best and/or worse advice you've ever received
  165. Turn on's/turn off's in a guy/girl
  166. Tell me about - Norwich
  167. Ask Me About Females, now with Brutal Honesty
  168. Tell Me About Jobs in 3D Animating
  169. Tell me how you talk to a girl...
  170. Ask me about Girls/Women
  171. The little things that you enjoy
  172. Ask me about Massachusetts
  173. Tell Me About Yourself :D
  174. Tell Me How to Get Coffee Out of My Keyboard
  175. Ask my about classical music
  176. Ask me about computer music/synthesizers/acoustics
  177. Tell me about parking at the Germain Amplitheater
  178. Tell me about photoshop
  179. Tell me about woodcarving
  180. Ask me about sports (i'm an addict)
  181. Tell me about the pink bunny avatar
  182. Tell me about The Fountain
  183. Tell me about New Orleans
  184. Tell me about general fitness
  185. Ask me about the Army...
  186. Tell me about The Matrix
  187. Ask me about fencing
  188. What do you do to maintain a positive attitude?
  189. Tell me the dumbest thing you've lied about?
  190. Tell me- How do you talk to a pregnat girl without pissing her off?
  191. Ask me about New York City!
  192. Ask me about music composition/theory/orchestration
  193. Tell me about Kiteboarding
  194. Tell me about Trampolines
  195. Tell me about training a new puppy
  196. Tell Me- Stupid Things You've Done That'd Make Others "Say I Told You So"
  197. ask me about anything = ]
  198. Ask me about Halloween
  199. If you could be/do anything..
  200. Your Holidays...
  201. Tell me, do you know what you really want?
  202. Tell me about this thing called cheating.
  203. Ask the Older Crowd
  204. Ask me about anything on your mind
  205. Ask me about Genetics/Evolution
  206. Tell us about your "relationship" status
  207. Tell me.. anyone else want to skydive?
  208. Tell me about graffiti
  209. Ask me about piano. Jazz, classical, any.
  210. Tell me about Meditation
  211. Tell me About setting up an IRC channel
  212. Ask me about Skim/Surf/Body Boarding
  213. Ask me ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  214. Ask me....well......anything.
  215. Ask me about me. Tell me about you.
  216. Tell me about grammer.
  217. Ask me nothing and I will tell you no lies.
  218. Tell Me About Your Level Of Education.
  219. Tell Me About Holland
  220. Ask Me About How To Cook/prepare Food
  221. Tell Me About Your Backyard Wildlife
  222. Ask Me About Aquaria
  223. Tell Me About Ireland
  224. Ask Me About Arcane Arena
  225. Ask Me About Brazilian Portuguese Or Brazil (country)
  226. Tell Me About How To Break A Fever
  227. Show Me How To Play Riff From La Camisa Negra By Juanes
  228. Ask Me About Becoming A Genius
  229. Ask Me About Poker
  230. Ask Me/ Tell Me About Social Dynamics
  231. Tell Me About Raw Vegan Or Organic Based Diets
  232. Tell Me About Music Theory
  233. Ask Me About Guitar ;)
  234. Tell Me About Running A Message Board
  235. Tell Me About Writing Song Lyrics
  236. Tell Me About Meditation
  237. Tell Me About Yo' Momma!
  238. Ask Me About Hockey
  239. Tell Me About The School System In Your Country.
  240. Tell Me About Ear Gauging.
  241. Ask Me About Swedish
  242. Ask Me About Pyrotechnics
  243. Ask Me About The Hebrew Language
  244. Ask Me About Hip Hop
  245. Ask Me About The Dutch Language
  246. Tell Me Your Favorite Trip Hop Band
  247. How To Gleek?
  248. Ask Me About Modern Warfare
  249. Tell Me About Coreldraw X3
  250. Ask Me About Neuro Linguistic Programming