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  1. Tell me (and ask me) about your (my) social life
  2. Tell me what should I do
  3. Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce book owners
  4. Facebook Messenger Dream Journal
  5. Ask me about competitive Smash Bros
  6. What's your idea about my plan?
  7. How to break a lazines habbit?
  8. Ask me about Space
  9. Ask me about Aspergers
  10. Question about facebook.
  11. Tell me about how having a concussion, head injury, or traumatic brain injury has changed you
  12. Tell Me Good Things About Yourself
  13. About my imaginary friend...
  14. Words that are funny in themselves
  15. University advice needed
  16. Connecting an electric guitar to a computer to record
  17. Anyone ever started their own business?
  18. Ask me about being genderfluid
  19. Ask me about programming / computer science / iOS development
  20. Open relationships?
  21. Tell Me About Your Passions
  22. tell me about psychopaths
  23. Tell me about forming good habits
  24. What is the most unexplained strange thing that ever happened to you?
  25. Ask me any question about myself and I will give you an honest answer
  26. Ask Me About: CASHEW CREAM
  27. Tell me about dreamviews
  28. Tell me about Astral Projection ... --- ASAP
  29. Ask me about me
  30. Anyone here speak Finnish?
  31. Any EastCoaster's from DV want to meet up in July?
  32. Tell me about New Mexico
  33. Would You Guys Tell Me Your Interpretation of This Flash Fiction?
  34. What do I need for a Long Journey
  35. Have any LDers ever had a near death experience (NDE)?
  36. recommend me a comfy office chair
  37. Any ideas for task of the mounth or year?
  38. What's your meditation technique/method?
  39. Question on Meditation
  40. Tell me about HSP
  41. Ask me about home-made sourdough bread
  42. Tell me your favorite quote :\
  43. Tell me about fashion in America
  44. help me learn about business
  45. Tell me about leather tooling
  46. Tell me about weird things you do/mental conditions you have.
  47. Ask me about sleeping in a hammock
  48. What's your psychological disorder?
  49. The most painful thing you have ever endured.
  50. Are you an intellectual elitist?
  51. Ask me about the SAT
  52. Ask me about Sugarbabying
  53. Tell me about your reading habits
  54. Please give me an opinion on my friend and mixed messages
  55. Please give me your feedback on my brainwave music...
  56. Ask a guy who averages 4 posts a year anything
  57. Tell me about making money online
  58. Ask me about freshwater aquarium
  59. Ask me about parrots/Tell me about your experience with them
  60. Unusual sensation. What is it, and do you experience the same.
  61. Tell me why you can hear those noises coming from a dead shell?
  62. Tell me about some of your bizzare rituals?
  63. Ask me about being homeless
  64. Tell Me About Managing a Restaurant
  65. how can i improve my social skills?
  66. Need some test subjects!
  67. Tell Me About Your Experience with Subliminal Messages
  68. Where to find someone alike you
  69. lucid dreaming diet?
  70. tell me how can i stop myself from freaking out and making fast decisions ?
  71. Tell me about your favorite course in school...
  72. Let me ask you..
  73. Graffiti
  74. Tell me about how your friends/family/colleagues react to your interest in Lucid Dreaming
  75. Ask me about: Hypnosis!
  76. Tell me what you think your personality is...in terms of D&D (dungeons&dragons)
  77. Tell me about your job
  78. Tell me about home recording music
  79. Tell me about your take on UFOs and alien life
  80. Tell me about Daoism
  81. Tell Me About Math In Your Country
  82. if i get a 2000 or over on my sat? Tell me
  83. Tell me about careers where you travel a lot.
  84. Tell me about your travels.
  85. Tell me about your role models/idol (people you admire)
  86. Tell me about your aquarium(s)...
  87. Tips for hopeless me, and mini rant
  88. How to learn to feel and count your heart beats?
  89. What social websites do you go to?
  90. Tell Me About Reiki and Its Uses
  91. tell me about dating nerdy girls
  92. Tell me about backpacking
  93. tell me how to live an authentic life?
  94. tell me why people that visit this forum or are members dont bother to reply to posts?
  95. Tell me about shamanism
  96. Tell me about Australia
  97. Tell me about teaching yourself to play the violin.
  98. Ask Me About Deep Things.
  99. Tell me how I can make my POF profile more super WTF and whacko?
  100. Tell me about researching physics.
  101. Tell me about making blogs to get money
  102. Tell me about laid-back multiplayer games
  103. Tell me about making bitters.
  104. Ask Me About Cross Country
  105. Tell me about your irrational fears and give an example.
  106. Trying to track down a Romanian Yogi who was in Rishikesh from ?-2004, teaching Vivekenanda Yoga
  107. Ask Me About Anything
  108. Tell Me About People
  109. Tell me about what games you recommend I play on a laptop without a mouse?
  110. Tell me about hip hop dancing
  111. Tell me about affordable colleges that offer good political science majors.
  112. Tell me if you've ever felt this way
  113. girls tell me when a guy should make his first move.
  114. Tell me about job opportunities in technical fields outside the United States
  115. Wine
  116. Tell Me About How To Deal With Heat
  117. Tell me about keeping your room clean.
  118. Tell Me About The One Thing You Would Change
  119. Tell me about Roleplaying.
  120. 'Lucid Dreaming App' on Android - do you use this??
  121. tell me about vibrations
  122. Tell me about stomachache
  123. Tell me abouts Records (Vinyl)
  124. Tell me why this happened
  125. Tell me about normal penises!
  126. Tell me about how it feels to faint
  127. Tell me about ICY-HOT patches and red/brown/discoloration
  128. Please help me
  129. Tell me about hanging out in bookstore cafes.
  130. Tell me about PTSD and Mental Hospitals...
  131. Tell me about childhood memories
  132. Ask me about magic mushrooms
  133. Tell me about motivation
  134. Favorite lucid dream movie? And why?
  135. Tell me about self-hypnosis
  136. Tell me about your addiction/bad habit
  137. Tell Me About Crappy Products/Advertisements In Your Country!
  138. Tell me why this wouldn't work.
  139. Tell me how to change what is displayed under my name on Facebook.
  140. Tell me about jewelry for stretched ears...
  141. Tell me about some comics/graphic novels that I can't go without reading.
  142. Tell me about planting fruit trees.
  143. Tell me how to find a legit psychic.
  144. Tell me about self harm
  145. Tell me about learning Korean
  146. Tell me about Transgenders
  147. seeing faces before falling asleep
  148. Tell me about going on a cruise
  149. Tell me how to draw non-abstract art
  150. Tell Me About Studying for the SAT/ACTs
  151. Is the Sims 3 Childish trait only for PC version?
  152. Tell me about tea-houses/ Teavana?
  153. Tell me about being a waiter
  154. Tell Me About Mastering Piano
  155. Wii Friend Codes
  156. Tell me about Learning Disabilities
  157. Ask Me About Cosmetology!
  158. Tell Me About Cat Diets
  159. Tell me about Montreal
  160. Tell me about police procedure for home robberies
  161. Tell me about that time....
  162. Tell me about how to create a website.
  163. Tell me about engineering careers.
  164. Tell me about binarual beats and how they work
  165. Tell me about astronomy.
  166. Information Generator
  167. Ask me about psychopaths
  168. Tell me about darkening my hair
  169. Ask me about SNES
  170. Tell me about Dream Yoga
  171. Tell Me about Anti-Depressants and Lucids
  172. How to start a mahjong club at college
  173. Ask me about the Illuminati
  174. Woman, I demand you tell me a bit about washing clothes
  175. Ask me about computer / internet security
  176. Tell me about oil rigs
  177. Ask me about serial killers.
  178. Tell me about everyone's obsession with white font in sigs.
  179. Tell me bout homecoming
  180. Tell about coasttocoastam
  181. Ask me about being Transgender
  182. Tell me how to get laid
  183. Tell me about learning Languages
  184. How to make decisions
  185. Ask me about ANONYMOUS!
  186. Tell me about Blue/Pink Insulation foam
  187. Ask me about Heroes of Newerth (HoN).
  188. shoot signatures?
  189. Ask me about MBTI
  190. Ask Me About Rockstar Video Games
  191. Ask/Tell Me About Arguing
  192. Ask me about music.
  193. Ask me about flying/airplanes
  194. Ask me about surviving in the wild
  195. Tell me about College
  196. Tell me About San Francisco!
  197. Tell me about the DV Logo
  198. Tell me about opportunities abroad.
  199. Tell me about parkour.
  200. Tell me about seven string guitars
  201. Tell me about sixpackshortcuts
  202. tell me what high school courses I'd have to take for Computer Repair/IT?
  203. Tell me about the AP Psychology / university psychology course.
  204. tell me about nickel allergies :(
  205. Ask me about 8 bit music (LSDJ)
  206. Ask me why i"m writing this thread!
  207. Tell me about Ubuntu/Linux
  208. Tell Me about Coming Back to an Old Forum
  209. Tell me about Complex (psychology)
  210. Tell Me about Depression and Seeking Help.
  211. Absurdity of Lucid Dreaming
  212. Williams Syndrome (a.k.a. Reverse Autism)
  213. Tell me about shaving my chest hair with hair clippers
  214. Tell me about film making
  215. tell me about recycling
  216. Tell me about teaching students that are older than you
  217. Tell me about mental illness
  218. Tell me about getting a street sign
  219. where does sand come from?
  220. Tell me about "Depth of Field" in photography
  221. Tell me about Animals
  222. Tell me about Cognitive Contstruction Challenges
  223. Tell Me about the craziest thing that happened at your school
  224. Favorite Poetry
  225. Tell me about wiring LEDs
  226. Tell me about gardening.
  227. tell me about hair care
  228. Tell me about the things that make your life worthy
  229. Are there any transgender people here?
  230. Tell Me About The Third Eye
  231. Tell me about names
  232. Tell me about your workout routine.
  233. Tell me about Synths!!
  234. Tell me about furries :D
  235. Tell Me: Who here lives in my neighbour hood of BC, Canada (or Canada in general?)
  236. Tell Me About How To Stop Procrastinating
  237. Tell me about Chemistry
  238. Tell me about Obsesive Compulsive Disorder
  239. Tell me about contact lenses
  240. Tell me how to distract self from pain
  241. Tell me how to sharpen a chainsaw
  242. Tell me about Sleep Paralysis
  243. Nuclear Radiation Survival
  244. Tell Me About Brasil
  245. Tell me about crossdressing.
  246. Ask Me About Tarot
  247. Ask/Tell me about history
  248. Ask me about skiing #2
  249. Tell Me About Antibiotics
  250. Tell me about Self-Discipline & Motivation