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  1. Older than your mom, but...
  2. Terraforming
  3. Do You Think Mathematics Is Natural Or Man-Made?
  4. Help solve tough scientific problems by playing a game
  5. The Great Climategate Debate @ MIT World
  6. What You Ought To Know - The Scientific Method
  7. Part Animal, Part Plant
  8. Math question for LD experiment
  9. Hypnosis Misconceptions
  10. The earth is full of lava....?
  11. Great documentary on Black holes/physics
  12. Beauty and Evolution
  13. An idea for having Lucid Dreams the scientific way
  14. Intelligent Machines
  15. Cell Phones, Towers, and Your Brain
  16. How are we not a computer?
  17. Social Engineering
  18. The 11th Hour
  19. Alien Planet
  20. Cognitive Computing, Consciousness, Science Philosophy and Mind
  21. What is a theory?
  22. I can divide fractions w/out reciprocals.
  23. Thought
  24. Scientists confirm superheavy element 114
  25. Hideous Rodent May Provide Cure For Cancer
  26. Teens Take Pictures of Space With Balloon
  27. Bull? or reality, what do you think
  28. Clinically vs. Scientifically Proven.
  29. Proving That Scary Music Is Scarier With Your Eyes Shut Could Lead To New Neurological Treatments
  30. 'Ethical' stem cell crop boosted
  31. First Black Hole for Light Created on Earth
  32. Planets and Retrograde Motion
  33. Theory About Biological Clock Changed
  34. What energy controls our body?
  35. New Article: Are You Asleep? Exploring the Mind's Twilight Zone
  36. Fuck yeah, we're gonna bomb the moon
  37. Amazing documentary on evolution.
  38. Planet radio missions
  39. An interesting article involving the brain and dreams.
  40. Red shift
  41. Raptorex
  42. If matter cant be created or destroyed, where did all this stuff come from?
  43. "irreducible" complexity predicted in 1918
  44. Evolutionary Biology - Richard Dawkins
  45. Glasses lens doesnt flip image. WTF?
  46. What new technologies excite you?
  47. Two Children
  48. AI Program
  49. Generic Calculus Questions
  50. Counting Monkeys (Ape..)
  51. Ferrofluid
  52. LSD and Reality
  53. Chemical Bonds Photo
  54. relativity
  55. if time travel were possible...
  56. Question about by biology, physically, why do we get headaches.
  57. How can I approximate integrals?
  58. Another question about light
  59. An Artificial Brain
  60. Adhd
  61. what happens to light after you shine it?
  62. What I hate about SciFi stories involving humans in a mass exodus from Earth to colonize space...
  63. About Quarks
  64. intense prolonged deja vu and cannabis
  65. Six Degrees
  66. Global Consciousness Project
  67. Space Programs and Shuttle Launches
  68. The law of conservation of energy
  69. Time travel loop
  70. Behavioral Science
  71. Sceptics vs. Science ... Like Kindergarten!
  72. Visual Math Visualization Tools
  73. Doubting Dinosaur Bird Connection
  74. 120,000 yr old Microbe awakes
  75. Blackhole
  76. Evidence of correlated event-related signals between the brains of spatially/sensory isolated humans
  77. acceleration (small question)
  78. proof
  79. Astronomy/Astrophysics
  80. proof?
  81. Space cannot be infinite
  82. Physical Constants
  83. Research Shows Robots Forming Human-Like Societies
  84. Human Cell Electrical Fields Are As Powerful As Lightning Bolts
  85. Coping with Peak Oil and the Decline of Industrial Civilization
  86. absolute zero
  87. US Lab Debuts Super Laser
  88. Good news, the LHC is back!
  89. Stars + Video
  90. math culture
  91. Incest Norm
  92. Death Star (Laser Beams)
  93. Research Shows Evolution Has Buried Post-Hypnotic Suggestions in Our Behavior
  94. Zipf's Law
  95. what will be the major energy source 50 years from now?
  96. Science Explains Everything Challenge
  97. Explain to me the 4th dimension.
  98. Prehistoric Gene Reawakens to Battle HIV
  99. Wii Remote Hacks
  100. The Sun Has Lost Its Spots
  101. Paramecium-electrotaxis
  102. In the Event That You Have Accidentally Swallowed the Higgs Boson
  103. Top 10 Ridiculously Common Science Myths
  104. Can Cognitive Neuroscience Tell Us Anything About the Mind?
  105. Computer Self-Discovers Laws of Physics
  106. Probabilities, Frequencies, and Base Rate Neglect
  107. Robotics and Balance: Fail.
  108. MIT/TED - The Sixth Sense; A Must See!
  109. Mathematical Numbers are Theoretical; Not Proven
  110. Jumping numbers
  111. Maths!
  112. String/M Theory
  113. Magnetic Gravitational Anomaly
  114. Science Lesson
  115. The effect of Benzodiazepines on the psyche/brain
  116. Bionic Eye
  117. Metal bits assemble into lifelike snakes
  118. Obama and Science
  119. The Particle Adventure
  120. People who know about Quantum Mechanics/Physics/Thoery Please come here
  121. Nuclear Power
  122. Can you say kaboom?
  123. The Brains capacity?
  124. Why do we use the english system?
  125. Equations 2
  126. Equations
  127. Timeless Melody
  128. Chemistry/Physics/Biology
  129. The Scientific Method - Why Science is Truth
  130. Darwin's 200th Birthday
  131. Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist
  132. Gravity is awesome
  133. Artificial Neural Networks
  134. Happy Darwin Day!
  135. Why Do We Sleep?
  136. What was the first number?
  137. Threads belonging in this forum
  138. Mind Modulations
  139. Some posting guidelines to keep in mind
  140. slowing and speeding time