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  1. Wanna fly? An inventor wearing a body-controlled jet engine suit flew!
  2. Bicameral mind.
  3. Time crystals
  4. The Fascination Found In Science
  5. Global Consciousness: What does it mean for us as individuals?
  6. Infinity in Mathematics is it real ?
  7. Would the universe exist without observers?
  8. Where does the boundary lie? (Scientific Side)
  9. Are human drug experiments safe?
  10. Delayed choice
  11. Hyperspace
  12. Fermi Paradox
  13. Why Einstein's falling man feels no gravity, and better understanding inertia and gravity.
  14. Psychology Journal Bans Significance Testing
  15. Evolutionary fossils POOFING to dust?
  16. Simulated universe is impossible
  17. Meditation and your brain
  18. Analyzing IR readings to recognize REM sleep
  19. The behavior of particles
  20. Schrodinger's cat
  21. GMO controversy: pretty much settled
  22. Its time to admit evolution is a fraud
  23. New Technology Could Enable You To Record And Reconstruct Your Own Dreams!
  24. Photosynthesis and Quantum Mechanics
  25. Pulses of light in slow motion
  26. Let's discuss evolution from a scientific perspective -not for Creationist, anti-scientific argument
  27. Dragon V2 Space Capsule
  28. Vaccines Still Not Linked to Autism
  29. New method induces lucidity 77% of the time
  30. The Fundamental Comparison of Waking Physics and Dream Physics
  31. "Perceptronium" .. A quantum theory of consciousness
  32. A Rainbow around the Blood Moon
  33. Enceladus has a subsurface ocean
  34. Only Animal Able To Do Photosynthesis - Beautiful Sea Slug "Eastern Emerald Elysia"
  35. Methane-spewing Microbe Blamed in Earth's Worst Mass Extinction
  36. The birth of religion through altered states of consciousness
  37. Direct Evidence of Big Bang’s Gravitational Waves!!
  38. The cosmological redshift necessarily relates to how these observations are possible.
  39. Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey Discussion Thread
  40. Cosmological redshift and inertial and gravitational equivalency explained
  41. Micro blackholes
  42. Modern psychiatry/psychology's neglect of dreaming - psychoanalysis "fault"?
  43. Imagining the 10th dimension
  44. Causal Entropic Forces - Source of Intelligent Behaviour?
  45. An Empirical View of Science Dogma
  46. Your thoughts on curiosity ?
  47. This mathematical charlatan has lots of people believing his hocus pocus.
  48. My virutal reality dream
  49. Collaborative lucid dreaming research project
  50. Steph´s - Hopefully Partly Amazing - Stuff
  51. Rolling Hypocycloids
  52. Telepathy via electric patterns in the brain?
  53. Electrical Brain Stimulation May Evoke a Person's 'Will to Persevere'
  54. Video Game Training Can Boost Cognition
  55. What We Still Don´t Know ..
  56. SciFi Questions! Manned Explorations on Alien Planet with Life??
  57. The Amplituhedron
  58. MinutePhysics - Science, Religion, and the Big Bang
  59. In vitro meat becomes a step closer
  60. Human nature and Violence
  61. Math book suggestions
  62. Conscious Vegetative Patients
  63. DSM-V! The World Is Crumbling!
  64. No data for north or south poles of earth
  65. Can you manipul your sight to make anything on screen 3D
  66. The Friend Zone: A possible evolutionary perspective.
  67. Scientists discover portals hidden in Earth's magnetic field
  68. Figuring out relativity and the universal limits
  69. Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible
  70. Scientists Observe Birth of Black Hole
  71. Relationship of inscribed shapes
  72. Scientific Mysteries
  73. Russian Prime Minister Admits Aliens are here.
  74. Beauty
  75. Possible Health Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms
  76. *warning controversial opinions may be broadcasted within this post*
  77. Who are you?
  78. Why is graduate school so damn competitive?
  79. what do you think of orgone energy?
  80. Too good to be true?
  81. Predicate logic translation
  82. Science behind "Stargates"
  83. The Coolest News of the Day :)
  84. Differentiation and trigonometric integrals
  85. Why is this?
  86. 200 Page Book Converted into DNA Code by Researchers
  87. The Flower of Life
  88. Is there any truth to this?
  89. Media now covers "Alien Invasion" theories seriously.
  90. Neuroscience Breakthroughs
  91. Brain Dysfunction
  92. Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing (temporarily)
  93. Help: I passed Calc 1-3 with flying colors, now I'm utterly failing discrete math.
  94. 2012: Crisis averted!
  95. pseudo-number theorist ramblings....
  96. Majorana Fermion Discovered?
  97. The Pineal Gland
  98. Viking Robots Found Life On Mars in 1976, Scientists Say.
  99. 1 = -1?
  100. 1/0
  101. Is the psychedelic ego death actually caused by adrenergic activity, not serotonergic activity?
  102. Venus and Jupiter Conjunction 2012
  103. Fermat's Last Theorem Documentary
  104. Is the Universe Evolving?
  105. Argumentation Is Pointless
  106. Scientists create thinnest pane of glass ever, and it looks familiar
  107. Russian Drill Nears 14 Million Year Old Antarctic Lake
  108. Spacetime Curvature Rate..
  109. You are Never Sober and No One is Sane
  110. Top Scientific Discoveries of 2011 (Wired)
  111. Does this phenomenon have a name? Psychology related
  112. Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Being Released into the Wild
  113. 5 Famous Sci-Fi Weapons that They're Actually Building (Cracked)
  114. Maths question lul
  115. Energy
  116. Patients Risk Brain Surgery to Fix Shaky Hands
  117. 17-Year-Old Manifests Cancer-Killing Nanoparticle
  118. Ultra High-Speed Camera Records at Speed of Light
  119. CERN set to report probable Higgs Boson sighting this week (Reuters)
  120. NASA Announces 'Slam Dunk' Sign Mars Had Liquid Water
  121. Artificial leaf converts water in to fuel
  122. Higgs Boson Discovered?
  123. Experiment to mimic Earths self-sustaining electromagnetic field.
  124. First Planet in Habitable Zone Confirmed
  125. Astronomers Find Biggest Black Holes Yet
  126. Blue blue electric blue
  127. Cancer Survival Time Rising Rapidly
  128. How Good Are You At Reasoning?
  129. Hubble podcast
  130. Discovery: Cosmic Dust Contains Organic Matter from Stars (Space.com)
  131. Mathematics
  132. Nobel Prize winner uses winning finding to treat own cancer
  133. Ridiculed Crystal Work Wins Nobel for Israeli
  134. The Anthropic Principle
  135. Basic Statistics - Halp!
  136. Neutrinos observed travelling faster than the speed of light
  137. Video games fail to incite school shootings, cure AIDS; Republicans furious
  138. Unsolved paradoxes
  139. Maths and Hallucinations
  140. Type la Supernova event transpiring (transpired)
  141. Double-slit detector
  142. Diamond bigger than Earth found orbiting pulsar
  143. The Secret Life of Chaos
  144. DNA Found in Meteorites
  145. Proof Of The Multiverse
  146. Oxygen Molecules Discovered In Space for the First Time
  147. We Are Small
  148. A Paradox in evolution?
  149. Programmed Universe - Within Another Universe
  150. I don't know enough about Fractals (Question!)
  151. Happy birthday, Neptune!
  152. Prime Public-Key Cryptography
  153. Scientists Now Able to Determine Pigment/Color Scheme of Extinct Animals
  154. "Sleeping Beauty" problem in probability.
  155. Scientist Suggests Human Gene Can Sense Magnetic Field
  156. The Holographic universe
  157. Triangle Puzzle
  158. Why do mathematicians study transcendental numbers?
  159. Physics Inquries
  160. Past, present, and future?
  161. World's Most Un-Scientific Conspiracy Theory
  162. "Black Holes are the Engines that Create New Universes"
  163. New NASA mission to an asteroid
  164. Sexy Science
  165. The galaxy may swarm with billions of wandering planets
  166. Improving math calculations ability
  167. Update on Gliese 581d’s Habitability
  168. Robots Evolve Altruism, Just As Biology Predicts
  169. Physics/perception - how come things get exponentially larger as they get closer?
  170. Is psychology a science?
  171. Help Identify These Mysterious Scientific Objects
  172. Brains.
  173. Has Extraterrestrial Life Just Been Verified??
  174. 12 Year old Astrophysics Prodigy Welcome Back Einstein!
  175. Isaac Asimov Memorial - PANEL DISCUSSION: TOE in Modern Physics
  176. New XKCD: Beauty
  177. Before the Big Bang
  178. "Species" is a broken definition.
  179. Discriminants are cool
  180. Transcendent Man
  181. Well Fuck Me Sideways
  182. Problem of Induction
  183. Special Relativity misconceptions
  184. Could this be another leap for AI software?
  185. Our Galaxy May Have 50 Billion Exoplanets–and It’s Still Making More
  186. Two planets found sharing one orbit
  187. Science Art
  188. Birds breathe both ways
  189. Evolving Towards Society
  190. Dream Recorders
  191. Question about evolution
  192. Pi
  193. 0.9999... = 1
  194. Tell me about quantem physics
  195. Transmissible Cancers
  196. Degrees Suck!
  197. Minimum Ineffable Behemoth Numerical
  198. DNA molecules can 'teleport', Nobel Prize winner claims...
  199. Infinite diagram G
  200. Quick biology question
  201. Just How Strong ARE Placebos, Anyway?
  202. Theoretical Diabetes Researcher Makes Groundbreaking Mathematical Discovery.
  203. NASA to Make Major Announcement About Search for Alien Life Today @ 2pm
  204. Are Some Things Not Testable?
  205. Guideline to Asking for Help with Work
  206. Anyone good in physics? Well I've got a question just for YOU! Please help :)
  207. How is pi calculated?
  208. Mind helping me to solve this stoichiometry problem?
  209. Possible Alternative to Trigonometry
  210. Is the Earth Growing?
  211. Rethinking Nature’s laws
  212. Theoretical Disaster
  213. this dude is a steampunk god
  214. P != np
  215. Einstein! Nukes!
  216. No such thing as gravity?
  217. Different kinds of infinity?
  218. Artificial Neural Network Program
  219. Fancy Maths Stuff!
  220. Ganzfield telepathy experiments
  221. Mathematical Question
  222. Moore's Law: Is There A Limit?
  223. Gravity in The Core of The Planet
  224. The possibility of time travel
  225. Spiders On Drugs
  226. The world's first synthetic life form has been created.
  227. Interesting website about AIDS controversy.
  228. Pear
  229. The secrets of intelligence lie within a single cell
  230. The Limitations of Science and the Danger of Scientism
  231. Physics help!
  232. Animals discovered that live without oxygen
  233. Alien Life
  234. Simple Message Encryption
  235. You Love Xei
  236. What are your favourite simple things that science just cannot explain?
  237. Grand Unification Theory
  238. Do you reckon this is possible?
  239. I don't particularly enjoy geometry, but this video is pretty interesting.
  240. Need help with geometry problem
  241. Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Absence
  242. Electrostatic Force Problem
  243. Why does v represent speed in the KE Equation?
  244. Tell me how to calculate these two astronomy questions
  245. Quantum computer simulates hydrogen molecule just right
  246. I'll do experiments!
  247. The Cosmic Story
  248. David Blaine; TED Talks
  249. Transmitting a radio signal using a laser
  250. Transhumanism