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  1. Allergies interfering with sleep
  2. Battling Loneliness in the Time of COVID-19
  3. Brain fog and mental sluggishness
  4. Popular medical software
  5. Suggestions: Cardio with an injured knee
  6. I Want To Change
  7. I never had thoughts unless I consiously put them their? Is this normal?
  8. My Signature, and How I learned The Most Important Thing Ever
  9. Apartment Dwellers. Question on Toxic smell
  10. Post Pictures of Your Current Physique / Bodybuilding Progress
  11. Parkour: How to do the break fall roll. Tutorial Post
  12. Beginners Exercise Help
  13. Yoga? Yoga!
  14. Body Dissociation
  15. Does your peripheral vision relaxes you ?
  16. What's your favourite relaxation technique ?
  17. Running and hip health
  18. Fasting. The ins, outs, how to, and why discussion.
  19. I've noticed that I bend my spine while sitting....
  20. Why does my head hurt every time when studying or doing homework?
  21. Discussions for any type of Vegetarians, Vegans, or anyone curious about them.
  22. Situp/Crunches back pop and bone feeling
  23. Willing to guide anyone looking to improve their body.
  24. Join me in getting fit!
  25. Ways to block pain?
  26. Sprinting
  27. Post pictures of your current physique progress. Ages under 21.
  28. My own Dancehall reggae fitness (with songs)
  29. MFT28: Such an amazing training schedule.
  30. Soy is dangerous?
  31. Mixed martial arts
  32. Ask a pretty muscular guy anything (diet/training/etc.)
  33. Pushing weight maxes
  34. Will a Vegetarian Have a Hard Time Gaining Muscle?
  35. Dr. Edward Howell died 1988 aged 90
  36. I think medical marijuana could help my mom
  37. Share Your Workout Plan
  38. Superhuman burst of strength
  39. Broken toenail
  40. Running Barefoot
  41. Weight training and martial arts
  42. How GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans
  43. Drinking or eating Mango's, which is better.
  44. Cheap carrot, Supplement.
  45. Any one, like tea or coffee.
  46. Four, Energy Foods.
  47. Binge Eating
  48. Anxiety and racing heart at night?
  49. How can I get extremely fit in the comfort of my own home?
  50. "Ringed" eyes?
  51. I radiate incredible amounts of heat.
  52. Which is the best drinks for fitness and health ?
  53. Sick and tired of feeling unhealthy.
  54. Chair Exercising
  55. Allergys
  56. Red Eyes
  57. Shakey hands
  58. Anyone do Parkour?
  59. New years resolution to gain muscle, but no time for gym
  60. Starting Strength
  61. Heart Skipping Beats
  62. Frostbite
  63. Tendinitis?
  64. Itty bitty Fitness Plan
  65. Hot Bath Nausea
  66. Ways to handle depression?
  67. Gaining, weight easily.
  68. First time cutting weight
  69. Any hikers?
  70. Easy ways to avoid processed foods?
  71. Monkey Bar Training (Help)
  72. Slight stretching somewhere in chest when I look down
  73. Nocturnality
  74. any p90xers here?
  75. Abs?
  76. Experience with Chi
  77. Breathing Problems
  78. School Yoga
  79. Meditation opens a Pandora's box of suffering...
  80. I blink even when my eyes are closed?
  81. scared to try
  82. Shoulder damaged baaad just from sleeping
  83. Scared of My Free Will, Paranoid-- Help!
  84. Tonsillectomy!
  85. Nose problems
  86. How to increase my strength?
  87. Cracked Toenail
  88. Neti Pot?
  89. Can't swallow pills, have tried everything...
  90. Forearm workout and weight gain
  91. What's wrong with my dad?
  92. Allergies
  93. I'm being sick, a lot... Anyone know what's going on?
  94. Hacky sack
  95. Is Secondhand Smoke Bad For You?
  96. Work Out Music
  97. Do You Pee Like a Fat Chick? [NSFW] [TMI] [YMMV]
  98. Recommend a workout routine
  99. Metal Music has lullaby powers?
  100. Hay fever!!!!!!
  101. Post pics of your home gym
  102. Marcy Home Gym
  103. Let's Get High
  104. How to live to be 100+
  105. OMG on Ebay
  106. Four Core Exercises to Help You Get a Healthier Core
  107. Motivation to excerise
  108. We are born to run [video]
  109. Adrenaline
  110. Lights
  111. B;ood blister
  112. Silver Nitrate
  113. I challenge you to One Hundred Pushups
  114. Soft, smooth skin.
  115. Lets ALSO Do 15 000 SIT UPS!
  116. Easy way to find Modivation to exercise?
  117. Elbow "popping" during workouts and question regarding weight gain
  118. Hands are shaking
  119. Diet Sodas
  120. Does this seem like a lot of food?
  121. Meditation and yoga seem to make my daily stress worse...
  122. workout schedule
  123. Stamina for bursts
  124. Keep getting throat scratched by food.
  125. Tonsil Stone! Help!
  126. Let's do 15,000 Pushups!
  127. E3 Live - Awesome, or Hogwash?
  128. Overeating
  129. Eyes - what exactly is this?
  130. Water
  131. Back to Basics
  132. Do you Q-Tip your ears? [no rants]
  133. Wrist exercises?
  134. migranes suck!
  135. I finally did it!
  136. One A Day vitamins make me sick - anyone else?
  137. Quick mini workouts for building muscle/getting stronger?
  138. I think I have the flu.
  139. anybody else on dreamviews lift?
  140. Broken Arm etc
  141. Marijuana May fight Lung Tumors
  142. I thought this was a joke. (A question for martial artists)
  143. Are packaged foods overall bad for your health?
  144. Ow! Ow! OW! Ear infection
  145. Mrsa
  146. Raw and working out.
  147. Egh... This New Diet is Killer
  148. Weight lifting advice
  149. In Your Opinion: Virus or Food Poisoning? [GRAPHIC DISCUSSION]
  150. Question about correct use of protection
  151. The Way to Prevent Migraines!
  152. Hair...
  153. Varicose and Spider Veins
  154. Losing weight
  155. Persistant peeling on my finger
  156. Chest Pain Caused by Built Up Gas?
  157. Another weird + disturbing ? from yours truly...
  158. Very sensitive hands and feet?
  159. Hearing voices
  160. Do i have a disease?
  161. So I had a tooth extracted...
  162. Shin discomfort from walking
  163. P90x
  164. Itchy Joint from stress??
  165. Change in voice PUBERTY
  166. I Need to Stop
  167. My nose smells b.o. but I don't have b.o
  168. Vegetarian Recipes?
  169. Health Advice Please
  170. Physical complaints thread
  171. Questions About Puberty
  172. Flu help wanted
  173. They itch. Bad.
  174. I have.....candle wax....in my ear canal
  175. Vitamins
  176. 30 day water fast journal
  177. Getting Toned and Building Muscle Schedule?
  178. I gonna ride my bike across the country
  179. Wake-up call for teen pot smokers
  180. My Adams Apple
  181. Tinnitus and quitting smoking
  182. My Teeth
  183. How do you guys tan in the winter?
  184. Medical Explanation for "Heart Break"
  185. Diet
  186. Gallbladder problems (etc)
  187. Supplements and Working out
  188. Fattoo
  189. Acne
  190. Squash club
  191. The Female Orgasm
  192. Look/feel good by summer?
  193. The "100 days" Challenge
  194. Vibrating, But it Isn't?
  195. Martial Arts
  196. Light headed?
  197. Best workout for abdominals?
  198. My headache relief tut
  199. Small mental health problem
  200. Post your workout of the day
  201. Any tips on how i can make myself perfect in 2 weeks time?
  202. Priority for vaccination
  203. Winter Hair Care Tips
  204. Sleeping
  205. Ugh... muscle twitches from "digging"
  206. My back is really sore.
  207. 8 Tips for a Healty and Shining Skin
  208. how to get in shape with no equipment?
  209. Severe Shoulder Problems
  210. bones stuff
  211. Feels Like Vein in Neck Moving
  212. Drop setting
  213. Piercings (Recent experience and a couple ?'s)
  214. Relax into Stretch
  215. Pain under my ribs
  216. Sons Weird Symptoms
  217. Kettlebells
  218. Adrenaline Rush at Will?
  219. Two week meditation challenge!
  220. Allergies and Anxiety?
  221. kegel exercises
  222. Eating problem with a 2 year old boy?
  223. Threw up after swimming...
  224. My upper body routine
  225. Alternative to pullups?
  226. Need help making a work out routine
  227. 5,000 pushups.
  228. Iron Lungs
  229. Quick Question Needing An Answer
  230. Hypertension?
  231. CrossFit
  232. cardio not improving
  233. Productiity and Relaxation - With free Mp3 Trance/Hypnosis Tape
  234. Understanding Anxiety
  235. 12 step treatment for alcohol and drug addictions
  236. ShayLoss - For Anyone Losing weight
  237. Designing Diet
  238. The shake weight
  239. Dancing - for the big folk
  240. Belly fat
  241. Wrestling
  242. The male G spot is a hoax
  243. Starving your brain of oxygen
  244. Trying to get healthy
  245. Geographic and/or Fissured Tongue support group.
  246. Bone Conditioning
  247. Few questions
  248. Fitbit
  249. Circumcision and Restoration
  250. Natural Remedies