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  1. Pyrokinesis: Possible or impossible?
  2. Everything exists at the same time, happening continuously
  3. Time travel
  4. The Windows To the Soul
  5. anybody experienced in psi...............?
  6. Anyone else "Believe" they've shared/received a thought?
  7. The 2012 'Paradigm Shift.' Is it in its beginning stages?
  8. dreamviews peoples collective conciousness
  9. Sending healing / positive energy
  10. isn't this weird? in a good way (involves Reiki and Chakrahs)
  11. Meditation schedule
  12. I need advise for a friend
  13. How to feel energy
  14. The Universe answering my thoughts ; Questions?
  15. Ghost in my house?
  16. To professional meditators: too much positive energy during meditation
  17. Stress stored in the body
  18. Psionic shield help
  19. Astrology and Personality Tests
  20. Chinese Astrology!! How do you like it?
  21. Of Auras and Black-Body Radiation
  22. Spirituality is actually an ancient science?
  23. Putting together the pieces of the jigsaw
  24. Zodiac Changes
  25. Do you think Chakras have anything to do with the solar system?
  26. I need help opening my "third eye"! If you know what im talking about please help!
  27. 2012 aquarian sattvayuga precognition
  28. Talking to Subconscious
  29. chi meditation
  30. Pick a Tarot Deck
  31. spell got my husband back!!!
  32. Releasing seals.
  33. Good binural beats to listen to while meditating?
  34. The purpose of Life?
  35. Tele/Pscho/Pyro/Hydrokinesis? Please tell me about.
  36. Forced Writing?
  37. What is this strange feeling?
  38. Recommended Listening: The Inner Work - The Role Of Emotions In Raising Frequency And Consciousness
  39. shroom advice
  40. Love is all that matters
  41. Evp
  42. Understanding Energy Healing From A Scientific Perspective
  43. The Economic Argument
  44. Reiki Attunement
  45. The Do's and Don'ts of New Age Groups (a bad experience!)
  46. NEW Energy Ways by Robert Bruce
  47. Who Are We Really? -- An Experimental Approach (Video Presentation)
  48. Time! Time! I FEEL Time!
  49. UFOs spying on nukes?
  50. Any manifestation techniques?
  51. The Fairy and Gnome worlds
  52. energy high?
  53. The Aware Project
  54. The martian transmission, the second planet warning...
  55. A name for a state of mind.
  56. Books about psychic abilities?
  57. Dreams predicting the future? Chris Robinson?
  58. Has this happened to anyone?
  59. Aliens.
  60. Inception- Is it possible?
  61. Vipassana meditaion
  62. New to meditation? Need help?
  63. What do you think of Eckhart Tolle and his teachings?
  64. All about Mind over Matter
  65. 2012: End of the world?
  66. Ouija Boards
  67. Sceptics, please explain this
  68. Compulsive thinking, and how to getrid of this? Ego death
  69. Spiritual Advice and Runecrafting
  70. Hash Oil ( from Cannabis )
  71. After you die.
  72. Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Buddha Boy) has not eaten, drinken, or slept since 12 years old. Little Buddha!!
  73. Oxygen: a mind-altering substance?
  74. Do you believe some people have powers?
  75. Do you believe in ghosts?
  76. Experimenting with Psychokinesis
  77. Alchemy??
  78. is there any some what solid evidence that chakras exist?
  79. conciousness
  80. My Search for the Wizard
  81. Funny Coincidences
  82. Gazing (or more like staring)
  83. The Sense of being Stared at
  84. Interesting time theory
  85. i think theres a ghost in my house
  86. Hope this fits here: an experiment
  87. The inner sanctum.. a delusion?
  88. What has been your most heavenly experience?
  89. Ideas
  90. Aliens
  91. Predicting the next song?
  92. Birds opened my heart chakra
  93. Your Aura & Your Chakras by Karla McLauren
  94. Auras, once again;P
  95. Fourth-dimension, third-eye
  96. My aura sense and third eye are developing
  97. Visualization
  98. Creative Visualization Support Thread!
  99. Practical methods of Chakra Healing
  100. Empathy?
  101. A particular person making my 3rd eye tingle?
  102. A great trick for clearing the conscious mind for meditation
  103. Psychic abilities
  104. LOL what just happened? i swear i put my laptop away.
  105. i could use a a lot of help!
  106. Deju Vu?
  107. Road Blocks to Telepathy/Meditation?
  108. How to see Auras/bio-electromagnetic fields with your own eyes
  109. Spirit or Time Based Abilities
  110. Meditate to full body orgasm?
  111. I can see into the ancient symbols, can anyone else?
  112. Tell me about life before ?
  113. Can someone tell me what this is?
  114. Precognition and other abilities
  115. Bio-Tonetix: To anyone that knows how to play music
  116. Communication between the conscious and subconscious mind in plain english.
  117. A Way to Induce Theta States While Fully Awake
  118. Seeing who you were in previous lives...through mirrors?
  119. Theta State... While Fully Awake?!
  120. Psionics v. Witch Craft
  121. Anyone see their Conscience's?
  122. How lucky are you guys?
  123. Strange Thing Happening To Me
  124. Creation of practical thought-forms through focal meditation (Psionics)
  125. How to get a spirit off the ouiji board?
  126. Paranormal Activity/Abilities: Do you believe?
  127. Do you belive in psi
  128. I keep seeing 2:22
  129. Telekinesis
  130. Is this a symptom or not? Maybe something more?
  131. secret language of the gods!!!!
  132. Vibrational chanting = pineal gland stimulation
  133. How can people's ideas exist outside their heads?
  134. The brain and emotion?? life after death?
  135. My First Guided Visualization Meditation
  136. 1111
  137. Cleansing out/Warding off Bad Spirits?
  138. New age bullshit you say?
  139. Sacred Geomtry Mandala Art: Opening the Window To the Soul
  140. Magick , Karma and the balance of the Universe
  141. Video for skeptics and believers
  142. sensations
  143. Deja Vu
  144. Mental Time Travel
  145. A Naughty Ghost?
  146. Nothing is true, Everything is Permitted
  147. From me to Her, and other issues with awareness
  148. Local Sidereal Time
  149. The Placebo Effect....
  150. Smoking Fingers...
  151. Random deep breathing noise.
  152. Has anybody tried using a ouija board?
  153. The Power of Thought / Law of Attraction
  154. The men who stared at goats...
  155. Consciouness, Life, Purpose, ect.
  156. Meditation Techniques and experiences?
  157. The pen is mightier than the sword
  158. Reccomended Coast to Coast AM shows
  159. Crossing the barrier of space and time.
  160. Superfreaks!
  161. Quantam Jumping
  162. 11:11
  163. Is psychokenisis learnable?
  164. Do you think the mayans and aztecs were visited by aliens?
  165. Vibrational Frequency Workshop?
  166. Amazing & Bizarre Experiences With Human Vibrational Frequency
  168. Share your PSI Abilities!