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  1. Intention groups
  2. Meditations by James Van Praagh: Very Beneficial techniques
  4. The Multiverse [Mobian's Thoughts]
  5. Underlying purpose of Meditation
  6. Electricity During WILD
  7. Is this sleeping or meditating?
  8. Why meditation should be taught in schools
  9. What supernatural/paranormal stuff has happened to YOU PERSONALLY?
  10. Our supernatural world
  11. The ego
  12. A weird,cold and scary unexplainable feeling with no ability to control dreams anymore?
  13. Tell me about your moments of intuition.
  14. Excellent series on hauntings
  15. Where Hollywood Meets Reality
  16. So, let's talk. About mysticism.
  17. trapped under ice
  18. Subconscious
  19. Voynich Manuscript
  20. bright until the newness wears off
  21. Psychonauts! Let's talk about altered states of consciousness.
  22. risks of meditation
  23. Fate
  24. Is it possible to learn to read human's mind?
  25. Using lucid dreaming to "become a god"
  26. Man was Destined to Trip Bawls.
  27. How Television Constantly Hypnotizes Us
  28. Immortality or not?
  29. Bright Sparkly Orb
  30. One bright star within the nether tip
  31. Use lucid dreaming/ astral plane for time travel or dimesnsion travel?
  32. Help me improve my subliminal programmer
  33. Am i Psychic?
  34. Ghosts and the paranormal
  35. Psychokinesis - An individual's study
  36. My spiritual connection to this man? 10 points?
  37. Lord of Light
  38. Strange vibrations
  39. Psychic Seduction (Make anyone want you)
  40. Subliminal for LOA
  41. Demons.
  42. mirrors
  43. How can I be in full control of my senses.
  44. cycles of civilizations
  45. Galactic Politics
  46. What comes first the lunatic or the scam artist?
  47. Atlantis and Lumeria - Ancient and advanced civilization
  48. gurus and ufos
  49. Petition the Mainstream Media to cover Citizen's Disclosure
  50. How can I clearly view what Im thinking about?
  51. Is this possible in any way?
  52. Opinions on ghost boxes and evps?
  53. sky's broken
  54. Kumare!!
  55. A few questions about chaos magick.
  56. being as opposed to experiencing
  57. I Ching readings
  58. practice for aspiring psychics
  59. Making Subliminal videos for Telekinesis and other kinesis, PLEASE WATCH!!!
  60. Disclosure continues
  61. Palmistry
  62. some similies about spiritual growth
  63. So I proved to myself magic is real (also, wtf does an entity clapping at me mean?)
  64. So I sacrificed a spider to Satan the other night
  65. crystal therapy
  66. the ego
  67. Calling All Dark Night Yogis! (This means you)
  68. Scientists prove existence of sixth sense as form of telepathy
  69. tulpas
  70. Trance state in meditation (question)
  71. Twin Flames and Soul Mates with Kelley Rosano
  72. Rumors.Two exercise's to Remember in order to ground yourself.
  73. Are vampires real?
  74. Something to ponder..
  75. Fighting drowsiness during meditation
  76. Le Disclosure
  77. Placebo effect (Wow!)
  78. Telekinesis
  79. No matter where you go, whether you live or die, you will always be in this one place.
  80. Using the law of attraction to attract my soulmate?
  81. Mayan Ac-Tah Explains What Will Happen On 12/21/2012
  82. The Real Men in Black
  83. contagious yawning and empathy seem to be correleated somehow?
  84. Spiritual Bliss
  85. Plants for self exploration
  86. Using a tulpa to retrieve past life memories?
  87. tulpas and god
  88. Are you guys coming back here when you die?
  89. Internet Information VS LD,s & OBE,s
  90. 3rd eye problem :(
  91. HELP! I can't seem to get a hold of my Spirit Guide at all anymore. I need some info/advice please.
  92. Am I a psychic or a bullshitter?
  93. Having trouble sending energy to the top of my head - need help dealing with energy issues!
  94. Rastafarianism?
  95. Why do hippies and new-agers like Hinduism?
  96. Isn't this just all bullshit
  97. Spirit Science Meditation Guide
  98. New Age Explained Rationally!
  99. Forgotten Human History
  100. URGENNT! This man is my soulmate/twin soul??????????????
  101. Do your pets see things in the corner?
  102. Spiritual Masters that aren't Swindlers and Frauds
  103. Deepak Chopra is a used snake-oil salesman that would try to sell stolen ice to eskimos
  104. Tulpa/Tulpae
  105. buddhist and tibetan monk meditation and OBE techniques
  106. any good youtube videos or channels?
  107. I am scared of the experiences I've had..
  108. Are you a Starseed, Psychic, or Insane?
  109. Ever met your False Twin Flame?
  110. Chaos Magick: pretty effin cool!
  111. using dreams for spiritual insight
  112. What do you make of this discovery?
  113. Rumors? A rumor that makes sence.(Concentration).
  114. Tips for Manifestation
  115. kundalini rising dream
  116. cannabis meditation???
  117. when can the chakras be considered open or active?
  118. 12 or 24 hour meditation tips please???
  119. tulpa discussion
  120. Rumor of the pillar of exercises.
  121. Rumors.Pythagorean?
  122. Gospel of Thomas
  123. Rumors.A simple practical basis.
  124. Rumors.An exercise that demands a lot of luck.
  125. Being able to feel other people's emotions?
  126. Astrology Revisited
  127. crystals?
  128. Now a lucid dream
  129. Raising kundalini good or bad?
  130. Serviceable Narcotics - Drugs that Heal
  131. Rumors.Rumors of breathing exercises.
  132. The book of rumors.The base of other rumors.
  133. Meditation
  134. The book of rumors.second practical rumor.
  135. The book of rumors.A rumor about memories??
  136. Fly chi?
  137. The book of rumors.A rumor amongst other rumors.
  138. The book of rumors.A practical rumor.
  139. The book of rumors.chapter four i think?
  140. Book of rumors.Third chapter.
  141. weird astrological movements.
  142. The book of rumors and gossips chapter 2.
  143. rumors.(first rumor)
  144. DMT/Pineal Gland - anyone know about DMT?
  145. Ghosts and Spirits
  146. reincarnation
  147. Why do your chakras vibrate at night?
  148. I can see people's...animal form?
  149. Why Aliens Exist.
  150. Chaos Coven Ceremony: NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE
  151. Hello fellow dreamers. Please read.
  152. help with the ganzfeld procedure?
  153. sport is meditation?
  154. what is transcendental meditation?
  155. Meditation Changed My Life
  156. is this normal?
  157. How does Telepathy work?
  158. warmth meditation?
  159. What kind of Magician are you?
  160. meditating on shrooms?
  161. what else can you do with meditation?
  162. Open 3rd eye
  163. What do you think the chakras are?
  164. Can't make my psi wheel move. :(
  165. how often do you meditate?
  166. Post pictures of Crop Circles to doubt could be man-made
  167. Strange sensation while meditating, I feel like I am rotating around...
  168. Prana Magick Ritual
  169. Density Levels
  170. Something is happening to me
  171. Need guidance from someone experienced in traveling between realities and interacting with entities
  172. The Invasion has Begun
  173. Is our Sun a Stargate?
  174. If your Attitude's Right, the Facts Don't Matter
  175. PSI Wheels
  176. How to I seperate myself from Mind and Ego in pursuit of the Truth?
  177. Real Magic School
  178. qi/chi?
  179. Meditation
  180. School Of The Occult
  181. stages of learning
  182. chakras, diet, zodiac, astral experiences, and power
  183. telecommunicating with my brother/guardian angel
  184. The Presence of the Past by Rupert Sheldrake
  185. "God Helmet" neuroscientist announces telepathy is fact!
  186. astral projection and remote viewing
  187. Alan Moore: Magick
  188. Remote Viewing the Lottery
  189. shared thought
  190. Mandelbrot/Julia combination, jnana yoga
  191. Dmt??
  192. Chaos Mages
  193. I followed a link to this site.
  194. Life, The Mirror
  195. Anchoring yourself in peace
  196. Try This !!! Activate the Amygdala Nuclei in the Medial Temporal Lobes of Your Brain
  197. Has anyone read Buddhism without belief?
  198. Magic
  199. the nature of unified consciousness
  200. Liber Null = LOL
  201. Need advice from anyone knowledagble and experienced in the chakras!
  202. does meditating become fun???
  203. Practical ways to access your unconscious
  204. Enlightenment, The Self and the Brain. Todd Murph's 3rd Lecture
  205. What are your views on...
  206. Coincidences - Someones looking out for me
  207. Is it possible to attune yourself to reiki?
  208. Solipsism - Universal Mind
  209. I like this video
  210. Guess I'm a newager
  211. UFO Disclosure Project. 400 Military Witnesses
  212. Is the human race ready to learn about the secrets of the universe?
  213. meditation
  214. Looking Within - No Microscope Needed ... How to See Inside Your Own Body
  215. Implications Of The Current Disclosure
  216. I am learning Tarot
  217. What are Angels or Demons?
  218. Have Aliens made contact?
  219. Read this book. It could save your life.
  220. Are ghosts real?
  221. Being Emotionless and Detachment
  222. Interesting thing about inner voices.
  223. Your take on this?
  224. Enlightenment - Quick Guide
  225. Living Freely : A story of a recovering addict, MAtthew
  226. Blue Sky Mind
  227. Curious to see if anyone else can do this. (WILD/Meditation Anchor)
  228. Notes from the Universe
  229. What are your telepathic experiences?
  230. What is the difference between concentration and meditation practices?
  231. "How do we practice presence around difficult parents?"
  232. Awareness?
  233. Urge to look, just to find someone is looking back at you?
  234. Biofeedback
  235. euphoria whe meditating and a question
  236. What zaps our concentration and attention span. Why do we have to meditate to keep energy.
  237. the shadow
  238. Astral eyes?
  239. feeling energy to seeing it?
  240. Esoteric Knowledge and Psychic Defense
  241. chakras in lucid dreams
  242. Toltec Sorcery, the Ancient Ones, the Old sorcerers, the New Sorcerers, the Seers and the New Seers.
  243. Is there any evidence for esp/psychic activity/shared dreaming?
  244. total rewcall by indigo child...
  245. I need help closing my 'third eye' any help?
  246. Spellcasting forums - do you know any?
  247. Trouble 'Connecting'
  248. Awakening the Third Eye/ Third Eye Meditation.
  249. Lucid dreaming and witchcraft?!
  250. I just can't stay detached - Dis-Identifiying from the thinking mind