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    Thread: Anxiety dreams

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      Anxiety dreams

      At least once a month i wake up feeling like i am going to die and that i did something very bad that is going to end the world. the dream i wake up from is the same every time and all i can recall is large quantities of nothing.... i know it doesn't make alot of sense but it is hard to describe... the feeling of anxiety is nothing comparable to anything you could feel from real life...i could kill my whole family and not feel as bad. these "attacks" really suck and i just wanted to know if anyone could explain this crazy occurrence to me...... when this happens i can walk around and have full consciousness and thought....i also know that it isnt real but i still feel very very very very very very scared.... THANKS!!!!!!!

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      I am so sorry you are going through this. I have read an article on nightmares that advises you to identify the underlying cause and address it and it listed several possible causes. These include: Chemicals (such as alcohol), illness, traumatic experiences and personal crisis. Of course it goes into more detail but I wonder if it would also apply to what you are experiencing. Are you going through anything that could possible be the cause?

      Good luck!

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