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      Ive been reading this book exploring the world of lucid dreaming. I did this technique where you count "1....I'm dreaming" like up to 100. I started to do it and my heart rate was starting to go up, I started getting into sort of sleep paralysis but yeah nothing. I just wanna have my first lucid dream. Any tips?

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      Yea, don't be discouraged and hang in there. I promise you, and anyone here on this site will tell you as well, Lucid Dreams are absolutely amazing. I could sit here all day describing how so, but until you've experienced it you cannot truly know. Peruse the forums here and ask questions, don't be shy. The easiest advice I can give you is to start keeping a journal of your dreams and ask yourself throughout the day if your Dreaming. Take a look around when you do, see if there is anything out of the ordinary. You may already be Dreaming and not know it...
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