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      Unhappy My combo psych med's must be the reason for all my nightmares

      It has to be. There is no other explanation for it.....I take like 7 different pills ranging from ADHD to OCD to psychosis and mood. These med's I feel like are tearing up my mind. The crazy thing is when I used to do drugs and I would do alot of them at the same time. I never really had nightmares. They where mostly fantasy and I guess going thru a major psychosis while in jail with no advocate was the reason these psych med's trigger these nightmares.....Nightmares that lure me into staying asleep and there is always a theme to them and then where things start to get bad it's to late for me to wake up and then BAM! I wake up with massive anxiety and emotions flowing.....UGH it is really getting old. I knew my brain was sensitive but I didn't know it was in this way. I thought I was supposed to be getting better.....Rather I'm just what it seem's like melting away in a different way.
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      Sounds to me like you haven't found the right balance of meds/dosages. I would highly recommend talking with your doctor about these symptoms and concerns. It could be as simple as switching medications, stopping some, or just tweaking the dosages. Of course, this is a discussion best had between you and your doctor.
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