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    Thread: Weird awareness state?

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      Weird awareness state?

      Sometimes when I am really tired actually and exhausted and I lay down on my bed I get to a weird consciousness state. I lay down and I am so exhausted that I can only fall asleep but sometimes I don't want too fall asleep and I try to stay awake. And then after some time I get to a some weird state in which actually I am awake but it seems kinda blurish and I see things around me. But then again it seems like I am dreaming it's so blurish and I don't know I barely see anything but I am awake. And then when I wake up I have some strange feeling that I was actually awake the whole time but the problem is everything is kinda blurish and like I was in a dream. Now I really think that it doesn't have nothing with LD or OBE or anything like it. But it is really strange I can't even explain it to you. Like as I am falling asleep but trying not too because of some weird reason. And as I fall asleep everything kinda seems blury and not clear etc. But when I wake up or I don't know at some point I have some feeling that I was awake for a some longer period of time though all I can remember are a blurish lines of my cupboard and the rest of my room. I don't know how to explain that. Such a weird feeling. I don't know how to describe it even. I don't even know when I get that feeling when I wake up or what.... but I get that feeling like I was awake for a longer period of time idk why? and like I said I see a picture of my blury room kind of....... maybe I just woke up at night a few times or once at some point and right after I fell asleep instantly because of exhaustion so I got a some feeling of idk what it is I would like to know what do you think about it?

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      Despite the foggy description I kind of know the feeling here, and it feels like not quite sleep paralysis, not quite hypnogogia-- it's just a fuzzy delayed sleep phase when it happens to me, like I've started being lulled into the dream, but it's stopped partway in, and my mind begins to wander and since I cannot feel my body, I kind of question where my coordinates are-- I start to, in my mind, navigate around my own room, which I do more often than I realize come to think of it.

      During this kind of state, which actually was what happened last night, I have an interesting ability to walk to and from the bathroom without ever opening my eyes. It was quite brilliant. But yes, part of me thinks it's just your body trying to get a grip on where it is, knowing that it's not quite in a dream, it must be in your room. And from there, the concept of "your room" is elaborated on, in your mind. That's just one idea though, this could be something unique for you that comes to a similar conclusion.
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      I think I know what you're talking about. I usually get something like that if I wake up and still feel like I need more sleep. I'll continue to lay there, and I'll have these little "dreamlets" but still be conscious. And just like dreams, they tend to be forgotten if I don't concentrate on keeping them in my memory. They tend to last for a few minutes at a time, and I find that if I keep myself conscious I can eventually start willing them in certain directions and immediately enter a lucid dream once I fall back asleep.
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