Over the past few weeks I've noticed a significant decrease in the frequency of my dream recall. This is not particularly problematic, as it has occurred before, but what is distressing, is that I have also begun hallucinating during the day, in addition to just after waking up.

The hallucinations come in two flavours. The first kind are hallucinations in my peripheral vision, where I'm sure I see an animal or shadow at the edge of my vision - but when I look at it directly there's nothing there. The second are extremely vivid experiences that are almost always insects, and very frequently take the form of a wasp. The vivid hallucinations have the exact image of a wasp, combined with the sound of buzzing, the sound they make when they hit walls, it gets louder in closer proximity, and so on, to the point where I am absolutely sure they are there, but after I leave the area for a scant few seconds, they completely disappear and I don't encounter them again.

This won't have any effect on my pursuit of lucid dreaming (assuming it's related) because I have a clear objective I need to fulfil, but I'd very much like to know if at least there is some way of minimising these effects. I'd rather not have my family or peers suspect me to be insane.