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      Supps that Reduced my Insomnia

      I have suffered from Nighthawk syndrome for the majority of my life. Not too long ago I was forced to get a job that required me to get up way too early. I had to find a way to fall asleep earlier than I usually do and wake up rested. 2 supplements in combination helped me achieve this.

      Agar 35 and Semde. Both by Siddhi Energetics.

      Due to the fact I took them in unison I will review them as a unit.

      Dosage:I took 2 pills of the Agar 35 at night before bed and 2 pills of the Semde in the morning. Both were taken on an empty stomach.

      Sleep:I was able to get to sleep with ease after taking the regimen. During the day I had to work a really repetitive job and this became noticeably less stressful.

      Dream:My dreams became a little different than usual. I started having false awakening to odd scenes which were reflections of the situations that I was in. ex. Same environment but different/odd people. But nothing unusual to provoke a RC. Also everytime I went to sleep a dream was pretty much guaranteed be it nap or whatever.

      Side effects: Decreased addictive behavior.(maybe increased willpower?) Less desire to try and please the people around me, almost like I had a bubble around me and I wouldn't let any extra stress in.

      Final Thoughts:I would say that anyone who has trouble sleeping should try them out and decide personally whether to continue. I decided to stop taking the two and save them for when needed due to my job hours changing. If I had decent enough income I would take them indefinitely. There could be potential for lucid dream related use but I wasn't really testing for that purpose.
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      Hi KT,
      To deal with insomnia I will advice to create a sleeping schedule and avoid taking naps in day timings. Do not oversleep and exercise daily and early morning to beat insomnia. Have the bedroom be dark and quiet and make sure the bed, pillow and room temperature are comfortable. Avoid caffeine and nicotine before bedtime and eat light snacks if hungry before going to bed.

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