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    Thread: Head voice

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      Head voice

      So can somebody help me please, when i go to bed 10 o clock i can fall asleep, but once a wake up, i keep talking to myself its about 3 o clock at night untill the morning i dont fall asleep. realy annoying, what can i do to stop this.

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      Do you have troubles that you keep thinking about? If yu do, I know it's not easy to solve them, but at least realizing what the troubles are sometimes helps.

      Do you meditate? You can try to learn to clear your mind, or at least slow down the thoughts.

      You can also just start thinking about one thing only. Repeating a mantra can help you do that. Hopefully it will slow down your thoughts enough, so the dreaming process can start and you will fall asleep.

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      One tip that helped me. Though, i have trouble getting to sleep period. I don't wake up in the middle of the night.

      As i'm honest with myself, i tend to 'do' things all day that keep me busy. I do not think a lot about things during the day. So these things come to me at nighttime. Take your time, live relaxed. Take moments for yourself and think. Analyze stuff when you are awake. So when you go to sleep you go with a clear conscious and you will sleep like a baby.

      Not sure if this is applicable to you ofcourse, but dreams also tend to be about daytime problems, right? Sometimes i don't dream at night i just think while i'm asleep.

      I think it might well be possible that dealing with thoughts throughout the day helps to rest the mind so it can focus on dreams and maybe even lucid dreams at night. Write stuff down, that also helps.
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      Yeah sometimes it's really annoying. As gab said meditation is powerful. The best way, however sometimes it's hard to meditate if you're not already enlightened though.
      It's good to get up from the bed and walk around, go to toilet, drink some water, open the window and look out and then just go back to bed and it might be easier now to fall asleep. Heh sometimes it's good to come up with a story. For example I start to imagine some anime fights in my head and I usually fall asleep in the middle of that. It's like the stream of thoughts is taking your away...
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      I get this problem a lot and meditation is one thing that doesn't really help me, personally. At least when I'm meditating on stopping/slowing down the thoughts. I'm sure it works for some people but when I do it, I feel like I'm only making the thoughts more powerful. The harder I push them away, the more they come at me, and then I start to get a headache and then I really don't get any sleep.

      One thing that does help me when it's like that is to not fight the thoughts, but to just watch them from a distance and not attach myself to them. If that makes any sense. I don't fight them, I flow with them and let them happen until they eventually run out of energy. Maybe I'll even help them happen or try to push them into becoming more and more irrational so that I start to slip into sleep. And if THAT doesn't work, then white noise helps - Sometimes I'll take a shower and just listen to the noise. Relaxes me a lot.

      Everything that Hitokage said really helps a lot too.

      What really sucks is when you're aware that you're dreaming and watching memories from the day before replayed over and over and over. I hope some of these things help!

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