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    Thread: Is it the End of my Dreaming Practice?

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      Unhappy Is it the End of my Dreaming Practice?

      Hi Guys. I haven't practiced dreaming recall and lucid dreaming anymore cause i came down with some brain problem.
      i feel weird feelings, out of balance and fall alot. Twitches too. kind of like Tourettes.

      It's sad i can't do any more dream practice. Once you get such a condition, you shojldn't do dreaming practice? and lucid dreaming practice?

      And i mean because before when i was ok, I used to do my wakeup 3 or 4 times a night and all that. But i figure if i have a brain problem i shouldn't be disrupting the natural sleep cause it could be dangerous. That's what i think. i'm not sure.

      I'm gonna ask the neurologist too if it's the end of my lucid dreaming practice forever?

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      Of course consulting your doctor as to what is safe and what is not is a good idea.

      However, I would be very surprised if you had to give up dream practice all together. Even if your doctor were to say that you need to focus on sleep with minimal interruptions, WBTB is not necessary for lucid dreaming, so you can just switch methods, if needed. Also we all wake up naturally throughout the night after every sleep cycle, and if you do not set an alarm but just wake up naturally and if all you do then is record a recalled dream, that would not be too much of an interruption. So even if your doctor confirms that you should focus on not interrupting sleep, if you want to continue, I suspect you can.

      Wishing you all the best. May your doctor's treatments of your condition be as successful as possible.
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      Hell no, don't even think of giving this up! This is a wonderful adventure life has set before you. You do not need to interrupt your sleep with DILD or DEILD. I am assuming many younger doctors would feel very positive about you attempting this if it did not throw off your sleep. It is practice and intent that increases neural function and creates new mental pathways. If you learn how to do this stuff it is yours for the rest of your life.

      Think carefully if you want this in your future, lets say 5 years from now. Where are you going to be 5 years from now. You either will or will not have put in the effort, but if you did then a couple times a week you could (What can I do for instance?): Swim in a very exciting and fun ocean with colorful fish and the feel of the wave surge; even be able to go underwater and look up at the surface with raindrops hitting it./ Feel as if you are speed skating while the scenery zips by and you explore a new area your mind has created for you./ While skating at 30 mph you could decide a certain random thing would be fun and it would happen. "It would be cool to jump off a ramp and across the Grande Canyon" Then your brain sets it all up and it happens!/ While up there you may decide to fly and race around like a jet/ Finally you may decide to transform into a hawk, and suddenly you are a hawk!..... Then you wake up, perhaps in the same setting in the same place you are now, but in this for instance you are reliving the dream in your memory.

      That is right, these dreams will become real memory, as real as any memory.

      They will be memories of amazing things YOU HAVE DONE.
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      You can still lucid dream without performing WILD and WBTB: in fact, many people opt to do it. No offense, but I doubt even your neurologist will know if lucid dreaming can be harmful/beneficial to you, but if he's minimally aware of what lucid dreaming is, he'll tell you you shouldn't worry: lucid dream allows you to choose what you dream with, and that is hardly a relevant implication to your particular scenario.
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      Stick it in the microwave and hope for the best?
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