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    Thread: I cannot sleep one full night if I go to bed early

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      I cannot sleep one full night if I go to bed early

      The thing is, I am without a doubt what most people would consider a night-owl - I enjoy staying up late, and if I have no real reason to go to bed early then I will often stay up until 5 AM, and sometimes even longer.
      So maybe it doesn't sound so strange that I would have problems falling asleep early.
      However, my problem is actually quite the opposite - I do fall asleep early without much problems at all, but instead I always wake up in the middle of the night, around 3 AM, and then I cannot fall asleep anymore that night!
      This happened a couple nights ago, when I went to bed quite early, especially by my standards (10 PM).
      I would have natural awakenings at midnight and then again two hours later, but after that second awakening I just lied there and tried to relax, and just fantasized about pleasant things, and tried to avoid making it an effort - but after almost four hours I started to feel really impatient and thought to myself "this is ridiculous, I'm getting up now" - and then I ended up feeling incredibly sleepy that day.
      So my problem isn't to actually fall asleep much earlier than I'm used to, but rather to stay asleep until morning.

      How long do you think I will have to deal with this before I can sleep one full night without having to go to sleep extremely late?
      It is actually kind of frustrating, it would be so pleasant to get up early in the morning and actually feel rested.
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      Look up Urine therapy for sleeping disturbances. The first urine after waking up has a lot of melatonin, and other hormones. If your sleeping problems are from hormone imbalance, urine therapy will balance them. I used to fall asleep and be peaceful for about four or five hours, but then start to wake up hourly and keep trying to go back but then finally I'd watch tv. But now I sleep perhaps too much, but I feel it's better than no sleep as an alarm clock fixes the problem
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      That happens to me if I've gone to bed late for a longer period of time and then I try to go to bed early.
      To me it's just a matter of being used to going to bed a certain time. If you want to sleep early, do it some nights in a row and you might notice that the amount of sleep you need adapts to when you go to sleep.

      If you're used to going to bed at 5 and then all of a sudden go to bed at 10, you're body probably thinks it's a nap and you'll wake up unable to go back to sleep and then ofcourse you're tired the next day.
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