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    Thread: Medication to lose weight

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      Medication to lose weight

      I've gained A LOT of weight and finally decided to go to a doctor to get help to lose it. I have nothing against taking meds for anything, my mentality has always been more of a "hey, if it'll help you achieve what you want, why not?" and so my doctor has prescribed me two things.

      One is to help the body with food, as in to accelerate digestion and stuff. It's pretty simple and, dare I say it, mellow. I've been taking it for a month and she increased it a bit for this month (starting the new dose today). At the risk of sounding a little TMI, it has helped me a lot when it comes to going to the bathroom, so I'm happy with it.

      The second one, I'm starting today. It's not as simple as the other one. It's mostly for anxiety, which is good, cause I truly eat my feelings away... and I have a lot of feelings. I've googled it a little and it's also used for people with depression - so this might help me with that too - and for people battling addiction - which is not my case, but I guess no harm done there.

      I'm excited about this combo, I really want to lose weight fast (hey, I'm going on an amazing trip in less than two months, it'd be pretty awesome to look good in the pictures!) and I'm also interested in how this will affect my dreams/sleep pattern. One of the substances on the second med can cause dizziness, but another substance in it causes insomnia. Tonight is going to be quite the adventure... maybe.

      ...I shall keep you posted.

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      Well the first meds are probably fine, I'd guess they just bind fats and carbs in your stomach or along the lines of that.
      I wouldn't be so sure about the next, anti- depressants is not a territory you want to delve in. If you tell us the name I could tell you some information.

      The problem is that a lot of doctors are quite keen on prescribing anti-depressants and sedatives. Believe me when I say that taking drugs to remove anxiety is not a smart choice unless you are literally stressing out as much as you can. They will not make things easier, and for a lot of people they make it harder.

      How about you try some meditation instead of medication? And maybe some exercise with a good diet.
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      First, I'm going to say I really do hope you achieve your goal (losing weight) - I wish you well.

      Then I'm going to ask if you've also considered regular exercise and a healthy (or at least healthier) diet to go with your round of meds? As dutchraptor said already relying on meds alone to achieve weight loss fast is probably not the best plan. Besides surgical procedures, the people I know who have lost substantial weight have always done so simply with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Sucks for a while but over time you will feel better. Those who lose too much too fast almost always gain it back. I bet if you walked 1 or 2 miles a day and watched what you eat, you could easily lose 10 or 15 or even more pounds before your trip.

      It's about a lifestyle change and it doesn't come easy to everyone - because it's always easier to do nothing than something.
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      I really don't worry about the weightloss meds. They might be a good kickstart for you. But the anti-anxiety meds you might want to reconsider, especially if they are the kind given for depression too. Those drugs are cheap, and doctors gladly prescribe them i lieu of exercise and conversational therapy. They have a lot of unpleasant side effects, especially when you want to come off them again. Anxiety is a bitch, and so is depression, so please don't think I'm making light of your problems. I live with them myself. But you can't really medicate them away. You might end up adding to your problems if you go that route. Please be careful, and feel free to PM me if you want to talk to someone who has been there and is still working through it.
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      I wish you best of luck in your weight loss troubles. As for the apparentconcern of antidepressants, I wish you best of luck. Since I don't know the exact medication, I can't really say anything more on it and I trust you have done your own research (and won't derail the thread to turn it into a med discussion). Keep us posted...

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      Not to sound like a broken record, but regular, intense (meaning you get tired from it) exercise and a healthy diet are absolutely essential both to keeping off excess weight, and to maintain good mood. They're also essential for good dreaming! Nothing wrong with eating, but instead of reaching for the sugary/fatty stuff, reach for veggies/fruits/salad, which fill you up without weighing you down, and help keep you regular. I've struggled with extra weight all my life (I do like to eat.....and eat in response to stress as well...), and the best times of both physical shape and in mental well being were when I've maintained a regular exercise program and ate lots of fresh fruits/veggies.
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      I've been trying to lose weight for a long time, but I am not considering drinking weight lost meds because for me it's unhealthy. I suggest that you try the cleansing diet where you will only have freshly pressed fruits and veggie juices for 3 days. This will detoxify you then you have to start having a healthy diet and of course exercise. I also suggest the Paleo diet, my uncle lost a lot of weight with this diet. I hope this helps and goodluck on your goal.
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      As many have stated, this is quite simple and the laws of thermodynamics are clear. Eat more than what your body burns in a day & gain weight. Eat less than what your body burns in a day and lose weight.

      Please forget these pills that make you pee more, reduce your water weight (& in turn convince you that you've lost fat when in fact you're only dehydrated)

      All you need to do is eat slightly less than you're burning in a day and gradually reduce calories further until you reach your realistic desired weight.
      By gradual I mean this... I need to eat about 2600 calories to maintain my 180 lbs. To lose weight I will reduce tono lower than 2300 cal and to gain, no more than 3000 calories.

      If you're serious about weight loss, make it as easy as possible for yourself, don't be afraid of treats, just know the caloric values of each. Above all, accept hard work as part of the process, gimmicks will only disappoint you.
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