(this is my first post after about a year or something.. i'm trying to be here more..)
So recently, i've been staying up past 2am whenever i can. Sometimes it's just because i want to enjoy the silence and peace but sometimes it's because i somehow don't want to sleep.
I get very tired and i can't even think straight or do anything well at that point; yet, i keep myself from sleeping. It's as if i want to sleep early and also stay up past midnight.
I don't take medication and don't drink/eat anything that can have any serious effects on my sleep.
Right now, it's 5:30 and i'm dying to sleep. Might as well force myself into it. But it doesn't always work.
So, if anyone has anything to suggest, i'd appreciate it. I'd be willing to give more info about this if it helps. I just want it to stop so bad!