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    Thread: Having real pain in dreams

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      Unhappy Having real pain in dreams

      So I've looked around and read up what other people are saying and I've found some posts that were similar to my experiences I'm having, but not quite the same.

      This has mainly started up within the past few years, but its gotten progressively worse and worse.

      I've never been the best of sleepers and wake up a lot at night, but these nightmares don't LET me wake up. Even if I realize I am having a nightmare and tell myself to wake up I'm just stuck in the nightmare. That's not even the worst part though. There has been a lot of these nightmares that for whatever reason I'll be getting killed. I've had times where for example: I was in a restaurant and suddenly people came in and started shooting up the place. I managed to run out of the restaurant, but one of the men ran after me and shot me in the head. I collapsed to the ground and felt the cold cement from the sidewalk on my stomach, and felt the hot warm sensation of the blood trickling down from my head. It started burning really bad and I can't even describe how painful it was. Then things started numbing out and getting cold. I felt like I was losing sight of everything. My life was letting go. To make matters worse when police arrived at the station I could hear them talking just standing over my body saying I was dead and that they would have to find my family and explaint hat their little girl has been shot and killed and just talking about me. It was horrible. I finally woke up after I saw the light and everything went dark and cold.

      There has been so many of these I have lost count. They've ranged from getting shot to getting caught by a tribe on an abandoned island and being tortured. Stabbing, shooting, scratching, cutting, anything. I feel it all.

      Then I was finally accepting the fact that I was probably just stressed out or something and would have to deal with these constant nightmares until I watched a video. It was an interview with a younger man who had actually physically (in real life) been shot in the head, chest, and arm and was left to die. What made these nightmares so terrifying was that the way this man was describing how he felt, what he felt, what people were saying, literally everything....was EXACT to how I feel in this nightmares. I heard that and started crying. Someone please give me some advice because I get no sleep anymore and wake up sweating, crying, screaming, heart racing, everything. I don't understand how it can all physically hurt me if they're just dreams. Help please!

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      Ya know, Iīm speechless. Because this really sucks and what sucks even more is that I canīt say a thing to help you feel better or solve your problem

      Maybe health problems are causing this? Do you have some kind of unhealthy eating or drinking habits? Do you do drugs?

      Or maybe you should stop being scared of the pain and try to fight the people hurting you. That's what I always do, and I always win or get away, almost always after a big struggle, a big fight, running away and hiding.

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      Pain is generated in the brain, so pain can be generated in dreams. I used to have recurrent nightmares and often experienced intense pain in my dreams, but I managed to induce lucidity whenever my dreams turned scary or painful. Just keep training with reality checks. A few times a day imagine these horrible situations but associate them with questioning your surroundings. Hopefully next time you have a horrible dream your lucidity will be triggered and you can wake yourself up!
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      It might be luck, not curse! Use your recurrent nightmares as a dream signs for triggering lucidity and take control of your dreams...

      It started burning really bad and I can't even describe how painful it was.
      Believe me, I know...

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      I also have experiences with a lot of pain in dreams. I have recurrent dreams of helicopter and plane crashes, I've had allllll kinds of injuries from that and none of it is fun. Usually though I can turn it into just another flight simulator "ahh shit I crashed it again". Lucky me I'm always in the hot seat.
      I don't know what to say to help you. If you are really stressed in your life it could be causing more nightmares. I just want to tell you it's not unusual for us to imagine injuries and pains we have never experienced. You're not a freak and it's not something to worry about.

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