Hi, I'm new to the forum and joined because I saw ( /sleep-health/49279-hallucinations-upon-waking-up .html ) - this thread (I haven't been registered long enough to post links, sorry) and am pretty sure this is what I've been experiencing last night. However I chose to make a new thread because I felt like my experience would be derailing too much from the topic of that thread.

First off I'm not someone who attempts to enter into lucid dreams, even though I have experienced them before. I've not really any interest in doing so; I'm really just here with the hope someone can maybe explain something to me. Thing is, every time I have a lucid dream, it's at the end of a nightmare. And all I want to do is wake up. But specifically the lucid dreams I had last night were two I'm a little concerned about.

I went to bed around 1AM last night and woke up at 2. Admittedly, I wasn't very tired, but I didn't want to be tired today so I was kind of forcing myself to sleep. I had an incredibly freaky dream which I can't say was pleasant, though I can't remember the dream's details. I do remember however it turned into what I'm pretty sure is a lucid dream, but sounds also like a false awakening. Whereas I don't remember what lead up to the lucid part other than that it was freaky, when it got lucid it was like I was waking up from a nightmare. Still in the dream, I remember waking in my bed and reaching out in the dark frantically for my clock, but falling off the bed before grabbing it. My body felt very heavy, and I was aware it was dark out still, so it sounds like I was experiencing sleep paralysis, and possibly, instead of a lucid dream, it could have been an out of body experience? I do also remember that as soon as I was aware it was a dream, I wanted to wake up and get out.

When I woke up in the dark, I started to see typeface in front of my eyes. When I say typeface, I mean big, clear letters, exactly like the kind used universally by any computer with a Latin keyboard - the very letters I'm typing this with right now. I remember the letter a appearing a lot - it was specifically a typeface a, a letter I write by hand in a different manner. The letters were quite muddled though, and cascaded down my vision almost like they were being poured. I recall blinking a few times, hoping I was just seeing things behind my eyes but the typeface wouldn't disappear for about 30 seconds. Now that I've read the hallucination thread I mentioned earlier, I'm relieved to know what it was. I've never experienced anything like it before.

Anyway, I ended up going back to bed at about 5AM. This time I woke up just before 8, about 10 minutes before visiting Google and wanting to find out what's going on exactly. I went back to bed thinking the dream was a fluke and I'd sleep a lot better this time. Unfortunately, the dream was once again rather freaky. Like before, I can't really explain what was happening before it escalated. It kind of feels like I was in an old house of some description. Just before the lucid dreaming kicked in this time, I approached a girl in the house. What came next was like straight out of a (probably very bad) horror movie. The girl's face was statically like the :3 emoticon (no, seriously), and then her face started flashing quickly, showing a ghoulish face covered in blood, back to the static :3, on and off. When that happened the lucid dream kicked in again and I wanted out. Next thing I knew I was lying in bed, bundled under my sheets, facing the wall this time. This time I was aware it was light outside. Then I started to pull myself up from lying down, which I remember was a very difficult task. I felt like there was a whole weight on the side and thinking that that half of my body was still asleep. I dragged myself up but like before I fell straight on the floor in the same bundled position. The fall made no noise, and I started trying to yell for someone to help me, since I couldn't move again. Then I woke up properly, and my mouth was open and very dry and I seemed to still be whispering 'help'. This time I didn't hallucinate afterwards.

Both times I woke up, I didn't feel scared, and I wasn't sweating and whereas I continued to lie still after both my muscles weren't tensed. In these two instances, I only felt those things when still in the state of lucidity. I mention this because I have had lucid dreams before where I have woken up from sleep paralysis completely terrified with my body seized up. However again I'd mention false awakening and out of body experiences; I wouldn't say I've never had either before, but right now I can't pinpoint a time when I did. But I feel like out of body experiences are worth mentioning, because both times I was aware of where my body was laid (even though I didn't see it), as well as the fact I knew whether it was light or dark outside. Especially the second time, it felt like I was trying so hard to sit up that I was pulling myself free of the frozen, heavy body somehow.

In the past I have had lucid dreams where I've wanted to wake up as soon as I've been aware I'm dreaming (almost exclusively nightmarish dreams). But never twice in one night like this, and never where I've had such odd experiences during and after.

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. Because the hallucinations are something completely new for me, I'm concerned that something in particular might have triggered them, though I don't know what. Also, I don't think the lucid dreams I mentioned are all that exciting - all I knew was when I became aware I was dreaming I wanted to wake up. I'm not on any medication but I do take probiotic supplements twice a day. I'm not under any stress and there's nothing on my mind at the moment. I'm curious to know if anyone's got any explanation for the typeface specifically, or the wanting to get out of the dream?