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      so hard to fall asleep

      on most nights it takes me at least 90mins to fall asleep..

      i try to keep my bedroom cool and dark for sleep and i never eat or exercise few hours prior to sleeping..

      sometimes im lying down, so many random thoughts and images just pop into my head until i just can't lie still anymore and i would get up and wander about the place for a few hours before returning to bed

      the second time around i'm a bit more relaxed, probably bcos i've been up all that time, and i'd fall asleep in many 30mins or so..

      i've been experimenting with self-hypnosis techniques and on occasions it does help, but still doesn't really do the trick because my head is just filled with random shit

      anyone got the same problem? do you use hypnotic/autosuggestive techniques?

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      I have the same problem. What I've learned to do is just solve math problems in my head. For example, I start with 1x1 then 1x2 then 2x2 then 3x2 then 3x3 then 3x4 and up until a point where I can't solve the problem, then I start again. Lately however I've been using mantras to help with dream recall and with these mantras my sleeping has improved. As I say the mantra I envision the words that I'm saying in my head. I don't know why but its been helping with getting to sleep.

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      Yoga nidra works very reliably for me.

      Also working: melatonin and phenibut (supplements), or the following as herbal teas before bedtime: california poppy, catnip, oat straw, lemon balm, tulsi, linden flowers, and licorice.
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