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      Not prepared, withdrawal/nightmares



      Swims pet elephant was a daily smoker for the past year and has been smoking for 3-4 years, today is the 6th day he hasnt(weed), my dreams were fine up until yesterday and by fine i mean i either didnt remember them or they didnt scare me, then yesterday i had my very first true lucid dream (http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-expe...ml#post2106779 just incase you were interested ), i enjoyed it at the time and nothing scared happened.

      now ive woken up today remembering almost all my dream and it fucking terrified me, it was horrible, dream inception within dream inception within nasty fucking most things want to kill me etc i woke up laying on my back with my hand on my heart(which i thought was strange too).

      anyone here smoke the herb and had similiar experiences when trying to quit? I hope this isnt going to continue, the last bit of the dream after hopelessly trying to wake up was an invisible girl (who i had previously just seen in my dream and she did this wierd breathing in my mouth thing, kinda felt like a kiss but after a little bit she just stopped breathing into me but i could still clearly feel her arms tight around me....and i wondered hmmm this is a bit strange, she was this girl) this time she tries to choke me and being invisible didnt help my fears, i somehow managed to wake up and this point and instantly knew, thank f it was a dream i think, im awake.

      (sorry for my rambling, i cant help it when describing dreams), is this just a normal "nightmare" i think the weed has been suppressing dreams/emotions for quite some time(if it has i honestly cant say for sure), i dont remember the last time i had a dream anything like this.

      (might be worth to add i had been drinking and had a big curry before i went to sleep along with watching the football)

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      I think that's your experiencing a normal nightmare The weed should have no effect on you if you have smoked it in a few days , the most it could do is effect your dream recall but that should've only been for about one or two nights.
      Happy Dreaming!

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      I woke up with my hand on my chest a long time ago after a dream. I doubt its something to worry about. Just move your hands when you wake up. The girl breathing into your mouth and trying to choke you could be because you use to use weed and maybe weed kept you from having anxiety? Or the no weed is causing you anxiety? I never have done drugs before but when I had anxiety that made me feel I had trouble breathing sometimes I would have a dream of something trying to hug me tight so I couldn't breathe in the dream or I would have a drowning dream or something. Finding another way to cope with anxiety is a better choice than using it though. Whether it be taking care of a pet or relaxing while doing something you like that brings you comfort. Or even talking about it. I remember watching a show on TV about a girl who use a drug to deal with her anxiety/depression but she stopped and found other ways to help her cope. One of the things was taking care of her two pets. The other was having a job she loved to do. She admitted at times it felt like she wanted to go back to it and there were times where she slipped up. But she is not the same person she was before and is happy. Also, if you don't have any breathing problems while sleeping and your doctor says your fine than you should be ok. Stop using a drug can be hard but its worth it if it harms you.
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