Hello there! I haven't posted here in a while.

I've gotten myself into bodybuilding/fitness. I work out a lot, eat a lot, take supplements and whatnot. Keeps you occupied and happy. No, I don't do gear.

One supplement I've been eating before bedtime is called ZMA. I'm not here to shill it, believe it or not! It's toted as a "testosterone booster". It has been proven not to affect testosterone. But, it contains zinc, deficiency of which can lead to lower hormone production. Take that as you will. Magnesium apparently helps calm people. And- this is the big one- it contains vitamin B6 which seems to improve dream recall. I find myself remembering dreams pretty effortlessly while supplementing this.

But, before I started all this, I used something else to good effect. Namely, pumpkin seed powder/meal. The supposed active ingredient is the aminoacid tryptophan. But I looked at the nutritional content of them and found- surprise surprise- that it one of the foods highest in zinc, magnesium and B6!

Consider getting either- hell, pumpkin seeds are fairly cheap. They're more "natural" too. Could improve your overall health (many western diets are deficient in magnesium) and improve your dream recall.