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    Thread: Exploding Head Syndrome

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      Exploding Head Syndrome

      I have experienced this auditory hallucination a few times in my life. Once, I heard someone yell for me to get out of the house. I woke up, terrified and unable to move. Finally, I went to see if anyone else was awake and possibly yelling (which would explain the noises.) Everyone was asleep! On another occasion, I heard the sound of big wings flapping right outside my bedroom window! Woke up to silence yet again. Lastly, I dreamt I was watching a storm from inside my room. There was loud thunder accompanied by flashes of lightning. Has anyone else experienced this scary phenomenon?

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      Happened to me two or so weeks ago, was rather strange. I was trying to go to sleep and out of nowhere i heard this loud BANG and i mean loud, like a gun just shot off right beside me. Terrifying stuff..
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      I had this two times, after doing mdma several times in a short period of time. It happened when I was falling asleep. Not only was there this loud bang (it sounds as if something in your head would crack, I then thought I had a stroke...) but also a lightning/shock in my vision like everything white and really shiny.
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      Yes, I have had this a few times as well. One night I was laying in bed and I saw a laser beam and heard it shoot past me. It sounded like a gun from Star Wars or something and it was extremely loud. Another time I was laying in bed again, at night, and heard someone whisper directly into my ears, "It's me". This whisper sounded like some kind of evil person said it and it was pretty loud.
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      I've had it once during a WILD attempt. It sounded like a big overhead garage door slamming right next to my ear. It kind of freaked me out, but it turned into a successful WILD, so it's pretty cool I guess.
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      This is probably SP (sleep paralysis). My brother told me he had sleep paralysis and a 100% realistic demon thing walked up to his bed and stared down at him while he couldn't move. It can be terrifying, but it is nothing to be concerned about (if it is, in fact, SP).
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