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    Thread: Problems Dreaming after Emergency Brain Surgery

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      Problems Dreaming after Emergency Brain Surgery

      I used to dream often and had good recall on many interesting
      and varied dreams.

      Then, in 2002 I suffered a major cerebral bleed caused by an unsuspected inherited
      condition. To save my life I had an 8 hour operation to the back of my brain.
      Although the Dr. thought I would not survive, of course I did, and after some
      years I recovered. I remember having a couple interesting dreams at the hospital and
      then more after I got back home, but in recent years I have very, very few dreams
      at least that I can remember.

      How can I try to have more dreams that I can remember?
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      Good thing that you have recovered mate

      Since surgery you still had dreams right?
      That would make you just regular person for recovering your dream recall which you didn't train?
      I belive we could call Dream Recall something like unused organ
      If your not using it then it will most likely start to function worse and worse
      So to increase your dream recall you need to practice it to regain it back

      I'd suggest you reading up those pages, they explain pretty much most of important stuff
      Dream Recall

      If you have any more questions or doubts feel free to ask here
      Or just post at Dream Recall Forum:
      Dream Signs and Recall
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