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    Thread: It always takes me one hour to fall asleep without fail.

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      It always takes me one hour to fall asleep without fail.

      In these situations:

      -going to bed initially
      -getting up for one second and going back to bed during the night
      -(occasionally) rolling over

      It's really hard to not move when things get really uncomfortable from not moving.

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      I used to have that happen to me all the time as well. It took me over an hour to fall asleep, and then I would get frustrated and it would add even more time to the process. Now I fall asleep very quickly. I think it as a lot to do with me being active a lot more now. (I do a lot of running and play basketball) So you can try to be active for more time during the day, which will make you more tired at night. Basically what I do is try to think of nothing at all, and just embrace sleep, like I'm entering the darkness of my eyelids. Its kind of hard to explain, hopefully you understand what I meant.

      And if you get uncomfortable, just roll to a new position and try again. If you still can't fall asleep, I recommend getting up for just a little and then trying again. You could also read a book for a little bit that sometimes works for me. Hopefully that helped, these things worked for me and hopefully they will work the same for you!
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      any quiet place

      If you know that it will take about an hour to fall back to sleep, without fail, then you might actually have a very enviable tool for achieving WILD's!

      With this kind of regularity in hand you can: rest quietly for 50 minutes, allowing any necessary movement to keep you comfortable, and maybe thinking about your dream goals or how successful your upcoming WILD attempt is going to be. Then, only when the last 10 minutes you have left awake definitely loom, you start your WILD dive, and all the "hold still and fall asleep" stuff that comes with it.

      In short, don't worry about starting your WILD until you're only 10 minutes from sleep. If you know exactly when you are going to fall asleep, then this shouldn't be a problem... indeed, it would be a handy tool about which I would be a bit jealous!
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