Rediscovered an old show i used to love during the 90's This was an interesting episode and i figured it was relevant to these forums considering what we discuss here

Perversions of Science 1x01: Dream of Doom - YouTube

Anyways i didn't start this thread just to share a cool video with you folks.

I was wondering if anyone here knows about the phenomena of waking up but still being in your dream if that makes sense?

Like for example i will be having a dream i'm talking to people and i will wake up and those people will be stood around my bed, or events in my dream will be taking place in my bedroom, this usually lasts for 5 to 10 minutes before i properly come round and fully wake up at which point i feel like an idiot when i realise i am on my knees looking under my bed for someone who is hiding, even more so feel like an idiot when you take in to account no living human could fit under the space under my bed, my cats can only just about manage it lol.

Another thing i experience is waking from dreams in panic, like literally diving out of bed screaming as i believe a huge brick wall is about to fall on to me, which has happened before and as i mentioned earlier i have come round whilst searching under my bed for someone, i dreamt someone had broken in to my flat (apartment for you Americans lol) and they had hidden under my bed, i woke from my dream believing it was all real, which led to me eventually coming to my sense whilst on my knees searching under there and calling myself an idiot lol.

I have also talked in my sleep ever since i was a small kid and i still do to this day (i'm 26 now) sometimes i have woken myself up by talking or woken up and been half way through a sentence then paused and thought to myself "who the hell am i talking to?"

People have always told me about my sleep talking, parents when i was younger, friends when i have slept over at theirs and my flat mate has mentioned it to me but he also mentioned that i sometime scream in my sleep, like i'm being attacked by a horde of flesh eating zombies or something similar which seems like a new development as no one had ever mentioned hearing me do that before but my flatmate says i have even woken him up before with the shouting and screaming though apparently it doesn't happen too often, just once in a while but he does say most nights if im sleeping and he walks past my bedroom to use that toilet he will hear me talking, sometimes he says it's unintelligible mumbling and other times it's like i am having a conversation with someone.

The sleep talking i am not too concerned about, but the waking up and diving out of bed in a blind panic or waking up with my dreams still around me for a few minutes and the screaming and shouting don't really concern deeply but i would like to know if anyone can give me names to these behaviours so i may research them and as to whether anyone else here has had any experience of such things themselves and whether i should be concerned and seek help etc.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions (bad welcome just as much as good lol) and thank you all in advance for reading and replying.