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    Thread: I literally can't fall asleep..

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      I literally can't fall asleep..

      These past few days I can't get to sleep until like 1-2 but tonight I just really get myselft to (my dream recall is also just horrid now). I'm pretty sure I messed my sleep schedule up over Christmas break, my school starts back up Wednesday... Should I just stay awake for the rest of this day and then go to sleep at the time that I want to start going to bed on a regular basis??

      Well I managed to stay up for this long, I'm going to try and WILD tonight maybe this'll work.
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      Hey I wouldn't worry about it, the exact same thing happens to me when I try to go to bed earlier to prepare for school. It usually takes me until the next night or the night after that to get back on track. Sometimes though, if you try to WILD during this period, you can do it. The trick is to have a very small amount of awareness when you go in for the WILD dive, and since you're already not really tired its pretty easy to maintain. If you keep that small amount of awareness going and then actually try going to sleep(I know, trying is an odd term for it) you can get the WILD. I'm not saying its easy though; its actually pretty tricky. WILD is all about balancing out awareness and relaxation and alot of other stuff.
      By the way, if you want to help out the fixing of your sleep schedule, stay away from anything bright, and also cellphones, laptops and all that other stuff. Bright things can increase serotonin levels which causes insomnia. I also read somewhere a while back that not eating for 12-16 hours before you're target wake up time can fix your sleep cycle really fast. For example, if you wanted to wake up at 6 am. dont eat 12-16 before this. Then when you wake up at 6 am you eat a meal. This will reset something inside of your brain and your body will realize that its the start of a new day and it adjusts your sleep cycle.
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