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    Thread: Same kind of nightmares all over again. How to get rid of them?

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      Unhappy Same kind of nightmares all over again. How to get rid of them?

      I absolutely cannot lucid dream, so that doesn't really do any help.

      I keep having these nightmares about nuclear war.
      It all started when I got interested in things like radiation, Chernobyl and nuclear war. I read this book "Voices of Chernobyl" by Svetlana Alexievitch. I really don't recommend that book to sensitive people, it tells the truth, all of it, all of the suffer. It's so horrible. I felt very disturbed. Also because of the fact that no-one really had ever told the truth in the main media. A cloud of nuclear dust had been landed on my land too.
      Well, I started to gain more and more interest in these scary things and before I realized I had read every book of radiation, nuclear warheads, nuclear power plants and all that I could find from the local library. EVERYTHING of it. I had watched most of the documentaries and movies about it. I got obsessed with the idea that maybe it could happen to me. Would I be prepared? It could happen these days but no one is prepared for it. They don't know what to do.

      I started having nightmares where I died in a nuclear bombing. I kept reading about nuclear war in hopes of learning how to survive perfectly. I started having dreams where I could survive, almost, but sometimes I got exposed to the radiation and got sick. I know the exact symptoms of radiation so that doesn't make it any better.
      Now I know how to survive. But, my family and friends don't. I've told them some of it but I'm afraid I just sound like nuts, I know it is nuts.
      Now I'm having dreams where I try to save my family but they don't believe me. u_u

      It has been going on for two years now. I don't have those nightmares too often (About twice a month) but I don't really like to have them. This morning I was afraid to go out of the house because there could be radiation outside. At last I could though.

      Just how do I get rid of these obsessive thoughts? I know I have a small case of OCD that gives me sometimes obsessive thoughts that scare me, I cannot stop thinking about scary things happening.

      The thing is, I don't really want to seek help from professionals, because I don't see the situation that bad, and I don't really trust them either. (I have my reasons and experiences for that. I think psychology is still in it's infancy, many of the professional psychologists admit this too.)

      Just any ideas on how to get rid of them? I don't read things like that anymore nor even think of them but I still keep having them randomly and they ruin my day.

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      If you have these dreams semi regularly then you could consider it a dreamsign. Try to remember for next time that it is your dreamsign. Just remembering this can help you to become lucid in it. Next time you dream of it, you will remember its a dreamsign.

      As far as the thoughts go Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is helpful. You should be able to find some info or video's on the net. Otherwise just keep saying "NO!" in your head every time you think it, like your training your brain to stop thinking it. The other option is to challenge the thought e.g. "a nuke just went off" you come up with idea's that debate how true that thought is such as "perhaps its just a mushroom shaped cloud".
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