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      Insomnia? Try this! [Binaural beats]

      Few years ago I started experimenting with binaural beats. I tried many of them and just few of them seemed to work. Higher frequencies made me energetic for short periods of time while lower frequencies made me fall asleep quickly. Last week I couldn't fall asleep so I figured that delta binaural beats should put me to sleep quickly. And what do you know! After listening to these binaural beats (for 15-20 mins) I finally fell asleep extremely quickly:

      Hope this helps for someone.

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      I was discussing this on another post.
      I don't have particular problems with insomnia, but I have found binaural beats to make me sleepy...
      unfortunately they don't seem to help much with LD, but hey you can't have it all, right?

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      I'm just going to provide you with some personal insight regarding this, and some external experiences other's have shared with me about these "sleep meditations". You may find that a lot of these popular video's have hypnotic voices guiding you into sleep, and like a real hypnotist, they succeed, but what you don't realize is that most of these, at some point in the video after the mental shut down stage have quiet subliminal messages that are whispered at sub-hearing levels so you just barely catch it subconsciously. Who knows what these messages are intending for you to hear, but you can't just trust them because hypnotism is very powerful and can contribute to altering your mind to varying degrees depending on your willingness to follow the hypnotic meditation at the beginning. There's nothing that gets me to sleep faster than white noise, so instead of risking some strange subliminal hypnotism that could mess with your subconscious, i'd listen to clean white noise such as this:

      If you'd like to know how to determine whether the video's you watch have subliminal triggering (whispering) somewhere in the video, read the description, and if that says nothing, read the comments. There will most likely be a few comments about the "random voice @ 12:53" or something like that.

      Although this one, that you posted seems to be clean.

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