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      Is this a good sleep cycle?

      MON- 10pm to 8am
      TUES- 10pm to 8am
      WED- 10pm to 8am
      THUR- 10pm to 8am
      FRI- 12am to 10am
      SAT- 12am to 10am
      SUN- 10pm to 8am

      I have never really had a sleep cycle before, and now I really need to get one I am tired all the time, is this ok?

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      This looks really good. As long as it's fairly consistent, it's fine. Though you have a 2 hour gap for Friday and Saturday, it definitely will not affect your ability to lucid dream
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      Look fine, but consider a few things first:

      - The "you need 8 hours of sleep" is not a very precise fact: what you need is the sufficient amount of sleep, and that can be less OR more than 8 hours. "But how can I measure how much sleep I need?" you may ask. It's simple: you don't feel tired or groggy when you wake up, you wake up without your alarm, and you can fall asleep in around 10-15 minutes at night.
      - Don't forget you need to add a 15 minutes sleep onset schedule....if you feel tired, resume bed time for 15 minutes earlier and work from there.
      - It might take some time to get used to your sleep schedule, give it a couple weeks before making adjustments.

      Also, any reason there is that 2 hours difference in Friday/Saturday? Consistency is a big word when it comes to sleep quality, so unless you can't avoid it, resume to follow the same schedule as you do in the other days, it's for the best.

      PS: sleep cycle is something that lasts 90 minutes, you have several of them per night. What you mean to talk about is "sleep schedule" Good luck!
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      I actually have read that a good sleep is more likely has an average adult needs between 7.5 and 8 hours of sleep per night

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