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      Sleep walker, talker, kicker, screamer, dreamer craziness

      Hello there!
      I am a very active sleeper, and I screech my head off and/or kick the blankets and pillows off of my bed on a nightly basis. I also always, always, always, sleep with my eyes open. I only sleep with them closed when I am very sick or completely exhausted . According to my parents, I also shout things like MAMA! and I HATE YOU! and some downright embarrassing things also, as well as good old fashioned screaming at night.
      Regardless, I have been wondering if all this dream craziness simply means that I am a very expressive person or if it indicates a medical condition of some sort. Sleep-craziness isn't that huge of a problem for me, but I have to take eye drops for my dry eyes, and it really scares my friends whenever they invite me to a slumber party and wake up to me screaming in their faces with my eyes wide open. They think I'm just messing with them . I imagine it is pretty scary, though. Sometimes I even wake up on the floor or on the table, which is very inconvenient.
      I've also had some really funny sleepwalking experiences in which I wandered around messing with my family members. Thank goodness my parents finally realized what was going on and stopped grounding me. Do any of you know of a medicine to stop sleepwalking or any other way to stop it? I would really appreciate any tips you might have, because I am getting to old too be acting like this. If you have ever done something humerous while you were sleepwalking, I would love to hear about it. Thank you for your time.

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      Just by the way you type you seem to be an energetic person. Try meditation.
      Learn to calm your mind and body. Also, learn to breathe with your stomach and not with your chest. Practice breathing deeply and slowly on a regular basis. I find that when I was younger I used to have stuff like this when I was under a lot of stress.

      Before you go to sleep stretch your body and tense it really hard, hold that for 10 seconds then completely relax.
      you could also drink some chamomile tea to calm your body down.
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