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      Sleep walking and problems.

      I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but this was the one most related.

      I have a sort of problem with doing things while sleeping. My brother occasionally tells me that last night he saw me get up from sleep and talk to him, in a sort of slurred speech and he couldn't understand me. It's gotten to the point where he's used to me getting up during sleep now and I don't really like doing this. Just last night my sister reported seeing me get up from bed and get in a crawling position while looking up staring at her from inside my bedroom.. with my eyes open. Scared her half to death.

      What I want to know is why this happens. Sure, I can say that sleep paralysis, for some reason (which I want to know), stopped affecting me at the time but I also want to know how my eyes were open. I also can never recall ever doing this in the morning, which can make sense if my mind processed everything that happened there as a dream and I can't recall it just like the 7+ other dreams I have during the night. Is there any way to prevent this from occurring? Thanks in advance.
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      My sister is doing this all the time. Many times as i am passing in front of her room late at night i can observe that her rooms light is on and if i open the door i would find her just sitting with her eyes open. When i talk to her she doesn't respond! Then i am turning the light off and she returns to bed immediately. In some occasions she wakes up scared, the morning she can't remember anything. I dont thing that you have to worry about it because you aren't doing anything dangerous. Also your brother and sister are there if you need any help.

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