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    Thread: Weird experience

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      Weird experience

      Hello Dreamviews,

      A couple of years back I woke up in the middle of the night. I felt a strong pulse going through my body, at about the same rate as my heartbeat. At first I fought against the feeling which only made it worse. Then after a while I decided to go with the flow. The pulsing became less but I felt my arms being slowly pulled backward (I was lying on my side) This continued for a while until I got frightened and stopped it. After this the pulsing did not return and I went back to sleep normally.

      Has anyone experienced something similar or can tell me what this is? I am still confused to this day.

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      It sounds like you were experiencing W.I.L.D? (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream) Which there is really nothing to be afraid of. Just go with the flow, it won't last long. This might help you. here: http://www.dreamviews.com/induction-...cid-dream.html
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      Yea sounds like WILD or some kind of sleep paralysis. Maybe just a confused brain after a nightmare or something.
      If you feel like it, please take a look at my YouTube channel:
      If you don't, hm well have a nice day anyway ^_^

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