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    Thread: Question about a prescribed legal medicine

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      Question about a prescribed legal medicine

      Greetings all,

      I have this obvious question about Ritalin and Concerta.

      I've been taking Ritalin for a long time now, and for a while now (5 years) Concerta. I take these to combat the fog. The fog is what i call my ADHD inattentive type. Without the medication, my life is so so so much harder. Without it, i can't stand being in a crowded place, I can't stand people jibberjabbering around me, without it i tend to hyperfocus on trivial stuff that cocoons me from the outside world.

      Anyway, it got me thinking, how does this affect LD? Usually, when I go to bed, the meds have worn off for the most part. Does this make it harder? Anyone with similar prescribed medication willing to share their experience?
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      I have no experience with those meds. I just didn't want you to feel lonely here
      Google the meds and see if sleep disturbances occur.

      I take Celexa for my "fog" as well as Gabapentin and Cyproheptadine... and now a thyroid med. I take them in the morning and have no dream changes. A benadryl before bed does amazing things though
      Welcome to DV.
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      Thanks for the welcome

      I'm currently doing some research about the meds, and writing my own stuff down about med use (time) and the nights and dreams. In the past week i've learned a lot about the medication, how it works, how it works in your brain etc. It's kind of silly tbh, i've been taking them for so long now, and I never actually bothered to find out the hows and the whys. About dopamine and neurotransmitters...

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