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      Why can't I sleep some times

      I'm 15 years old and often have a lot of trouble sleeping. I try to have a consistent schedule, but some night, usually a few nights a week I either just can't fall asleep or wake up after a few hours and can't sleep. The worst part is that I'm so god damn tired on these nights that it's stressful and I hate my life because of it. I'm writing this at about 1:00 am after trying to sleep for a good few hours. Please help.

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      You're not sleeping because you're thinking too much. You've got to shut your mind down and keep it shut down in order to convince your unconscious self that your mind is ready to go to sleep as well. To shut your mind down, you have to stop thinking so much about things. Practice maintaining an empty mind. Don't worry if this is hard at first, just focus on keeping it empty as long as you can. Do this relentlessly. Don't think about falling asleep or else you'll be thinking too much.

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      I have this problem too and thats why I am reading this forum at like 1 A M! Well, I hate my life for it too, so, you are not alone in having insomnia or hating your life for it. Honestly I don't have any real advice because I have insomnia in spite of every possible measure I can take to not have insomnia.

      There is a lot of advice about not taking stimulants, meditating during the day, journaling, walking each day, I do all that, and I still can't sleep some nights!

      I don't really have anything helpful to say except that I agree that it is no fun! And I wish i could sleep every night without difficulty. It seems far beyond my control.

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