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    Thread: Sleeping Like a Corpse

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      Sleeping Like a Corpse

      My sleeping is way too heavy for my liking.

      I have to go to bed at 10 every night if i want to wake up on time for school, and although yes my parents wake me up at 7, thats too late for me to get ready and walk, and so i always aim for 6am instead, which never happens despite my many alarms that go off every five minutes starting at 4am, full blast and right next to my head. I just sleep through them all, even if i had a nap the evening before and are feeling quite well rested, i still sleep.

      Ive always, even as a kid, listened to music while sleeping- without it i get jumpy and anxious as i pay attention to the tiniest of noise all the time, hence why i cant even eat in the same room as anyone else either, so i need music - but ive even tried not listening to music and all its done is had me trailing round the house in a terrified jumble of sleepy self hatred.

      I also have a sunday round, and so due to me needing to be out the house by 6am, I end up going to bed at 7pm on a saturday night in order to get up on time. Im literally a zombie and its ruining the tiny social life i have.

      Ive tried so many things- ive tried having coffee before bed, ive tried binaural beats, ive tried sleeping with the windows open and no sheets in the height of the damn winter just to avoid any deep sleep. Nothing has worked. Ive had enough.
      Yesterday, I needed a nap after an embarrassing college audition, so i asked my little brother to shake me awake in an hour. I then woke up at 3:45 in the morning, pissed off, only to be told that my stepdad had come to wake me up and id apparently even responded and said "im awake" and evidently fell back asleep- i dont remember any of it and this has happened so many times, and i just feel so damn guilty.
      I spend my weekend days sleeping, i go to my friends houses and fall asleep in awkward places- ive fallen asleep pretty much anywhere you can think of and it's getting ridiculous.

      If anyone can shed some light on why the hell im like this then that would be lovely. If anyone can give valid advice (other than 'set an alarm' because i literally have 30 everyday and theyre all full blast and i sleep through them all) then that would be even better. Im literally failing my GCSE's because i am getting home from school exhausted and simply sleeping instead. Its ruining my life- as cliche as that is- and i literally dont know what to do about it.
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      Overall, I tend to be a heavy sleeper myself. My parents sometimes tell me that they come into my room and tell me things and have conversations with me in the morning; I fall back asleep and have no recollection of them, and me sleeping for 10 hours a night is normal. (When I was a teenager, I went through a phase in my sophomore year where it was normal for me to sleep 13 or 14 hours a night, and take long, deep, dreamless naps on weekends.) But it all passed. Some people are just heavier sleepers than others.

      If what you say is true, that this has been an ongoing problem since childhood and you are now of college-age, and it is really interfering with your life to the degree you describe, then you should probably go to a doctor. I could make guesses saying it might be a problem with nutrition or an effect of depression or maybe the side effect of another drug, but a doctor would probably make a much more accurate diagnosis than me.
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