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      minimal amount of sleep for lucid dreaming?

      okay, so i'm in need of figuring out a sleep schedule since mine is currently a mess and i assume it's one of the reasons of why i'm always sleepy
      am also thinking about getting into lucid dreaming again, so i was thinking i could base it on that
      my question: what would be the minimal amount of sleep i need? like i know it depends on the person, but is it possible to sleep 6-7 hours a night and have maybe, a lucid dream every week?

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      Technically, a lucid dream can happen any time you're dreaming, so I don't think there is a set answer. In my experience, having enough sleep really helps, though, so I'd say that as long as you get sufficient sleep you should be fine. I'd aim for at minimum an amount of sleep that allows you to be able to feel well-rested throughout the day without encountering midday drowsy spells.
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      One of my best LDs happen just after two hours of sleep - in the middle of the night, not during morning hours.
      But truth to be told, my dream recall grows significantly when sleeping more then 7 hours. Unfortunately, I sleep more than 6 only on weekends.
      TravisE´s advice sounds proper.

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