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    Thread: What is this??

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      What is this??

      I have posted a thread before of this feeling i get when fully awake and it just happened a few minutes ago. I was just layin still watchin TV and my right arm went completely numb, then my left partially numb. Then i felt like there was something heavy on both of my legs, but im still watching TV and i wasn't dreaming or even trying to WILD. Then i felt weird tactile sensations in my left hand like something was moving. Then my right felt all weird and stuff... Idk what this is maybe i can use it to get into sp instead of waiting that long? idk..its just weird to me.
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      If this is happening while you are fully awake and in the routine of your daily life, I would consult a health care physician regarding this problem as soon as possible. I'm sorry but this doesn't sound like it relates to lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis at all. =/
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