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      Going for my second sleep study

      For the past ten years or so, just under half my life, I've been an insomniac. It takes me forever to get tired and most of the time, even exhausted, it takes me forever to fall asleep. I'm unable to shut off my mind and then even when I do sleep, I have vivid dreams that seem to go on forever. Often these dreams wake me up when I fall back asleep minutes later, my dreams are more vivid and then I have more difficulty awaking. It's caused me plenty of problems of course in life. I have no physical problems, no restless leg or sleep apnea or anything like that. If this study goes inconclusive again, my only option may be sleeping pills which I flat out refuse to take.

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      Have you tried a polyphasic sleep schedule? Some people that had sleeping problems did much better when they switched.

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      Good luck and hope they can figure something out for you. Sleeping pills may be necessary as I suffer from insomnia also. The only bad thing is that they tend to hinder dreams and dream recall.
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