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    Thread: Tasks of the Season: Summer '22

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      Tasks of the Season: Summer '22

      Tasks of the Season: Summer '22

      This topic is for the Lucid Tasks of the Season, voted on in our Voting Booth Thread. Please attempt any or all of these tasks throughout the season.

      Do you have a Task of the Season suggestion that you would love to get chosen? Now you have the chance to suggest new tasks of the season by clicking the Future Task of the Season Suggestion Thread.

      How to get your wings:

      1. Fully complete any of the tasks in a lucid dream in the time frame.
      2. Post your successful lucid dream in a reply to this thread, using spoiler tags (using the "Go Advanced" reply button, you will see the box within a box button for a spoiler tag).

      Use the following heading format in your spoiler tag:
      [Type of task] -[Name of the task] - [Success or fail]
      For example:
      Basic Task i - Drive a car - success

      Then, after pressing "OK", add your lucid dream details. Make sure you only include the relevant lucid dream material related to the task. No need to post the full entry or non-lucid sections of the dream here.

      3. Add the relevant dream journal entry link (Type "DJ Link", highlight your text, then press the earth button. Copy paste your DJ link into the box.).
      4. Go to your control panel, then to permission groups, and request to be in the group that applies to the task(s) that you've done: one basic or both, one advanced or both, and/or bonus.
      5. You should receive your wings within a couple of days. If you don't, please reach out to the Forum Staff.

      Please note, that we now have wings for every task. Requesting to join the group will upon approval also grant you access to Lucid Task Club.

      Please, make sure you post here your attempts both failures and successes, this will make this post much more dynamic. Report back in this thread, even if you didn't successfully accomplish the task. Your efforts should make interesting reading!

      Whoever completes any of these tasks gets the following goodies until the end of the season:

      Your name will be displayed in orange in the online member's list at the bottom of the main forum page. *NEW* You'll also be displayed in purple (by popular vote) in our Discord channel.

      You will receive a special title and badge.
      You will receive access to the "Lucid Task Club" which is a limited-access forum for people that complete a lucid task each month.

      Tasks For This Season:

      Basic i: Find an unusual pet. (IndigoRose)

      Basic ii: Experience a Martian "blue sunset". (Moonagedaydream)

      Basic iii: THIRD TASK!! (tie) Walk through an Art gallery and examine the artwork created by your mind. (Tiktaalik)

      Advance i: Become a rock star and give a concert to adoring fans. (MoonageDaydream)

      Advance ii: Be part of a video game, either an existing one or a new one imagined by you.(GabiAlex)

      Bonus: Go to the elevator and see where it takes you. (VagalTone)

      __________________________________________________ _______________________
      BEGINNER TASKS: (Anybody feel free to have fun with these, but you'll get wings only if you are a beginner.)

      1. Slow down, look around, describe what you see.
      2. Touch the ground. What is it? Grass, asphalt?
      3. Look at your body. What are you wearing?
      4. Focus on different muscles in your body and make them flex.

      5. Taste something. Does it taste as you'd exp
      6. Find the text you can read, then look at it again. Has it changed?
      7. Walk barefoot for a while. How does the ground feel on your feet?

      Note: This one is for a season instead of a month. You have a little more time complete the task, as you wish! These tasks end on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 at 11:59 pm EDT [September 22nd is the first day of autumn].

      You got this everyone!

      Check out what's happening on Dream Views:
      Tasks of the Season: Summer '22
      Tasks of the Year: 2022
      Read Along

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      This time I've printed out the important outlines of the task, a somewhat obvious step I never took before.

      Dream recall is still a bit crap with being ill right now, but will definitely start thinking about the tasks and trying to incubate for them.
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      I should be able to at least get one of each group by the end of the season -- I hope! I definitely want to see my mind's "dream art!"
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      Quote Originally Posted by FryingMan View Post
      I should be able to at least get one of each group by the end of the season -- I hope! I definitely want to see my mind's "dream art!"
      Iíve been trying to get this one for a while as well. Last time I tried I found a bunch of poorly painted pieces of paper, like the work of a child. It wasnít the art I was hoping for and clearly I donít expect art created by my own mind will be very good!
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      great tasks as usual...its good to be back again,and again, and again...!
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      Wow, with my task in, maybe I should at least try. I also always wanted to do the art one.
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