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      What must I do next for WILDing?

      I'm now able to just lay down when ever and get my body vibrating and seeing visuals and hearing things easily but I've never gotten past that part. First off what is after seeing and hearing things? Just give me some support and thoughts.

      I think I'm just not tired enough when I do it and I usually listen to music but it is very quiet. Also, I usually try it at night or for an afternoon nap but I have only tried a WBTB and I just fell back asleep from not being able to stay still. I really don't want to wake up because no matter what time I wake up, even if it's 3AM, I won't be able to fall back asleep usually.

      I'm just rambling. Just tell me what is next after seeing visuals so if I ever get farther, I'll know what to expect.

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      I've only done it once, but for me, after the vibrations stopped I just rolled out of bed and got up, already dreaming.
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