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      Feels My Blanket Is More Heavy

      So, this is my 3rd or 4th day trying Lucid Dreaming(WILD Technique). I am totally a beginner. As I try WILD, I feel numbness in my lower part and I can only feel my upper part. Usually blanket is over my face so when I do WILD I feel it is little heavy adding to this I can feel my short breathe and heartbeat as well. After sometime my whole body feels the numbness it and maybe my brain goes more closer to sleep as I get no thoughts. Then after some minutes every feeling goes away except the numbness and then nothing happens just frequent numbness. Can someone tell me is this the correct way? If not then mention any guide. Thank you!

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      Are you doing this at the beginning of the night?

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      Nope, I sleep at 12 AM and wake up at 6 AM (Alarm clock). After that I go to the washroom, then I go back to bed.I lay on my back and keeps my arms straight. With closed eyes I say in my mind I will lucid dream today and then the thing I talked about in the thread happens. I sleep with my sibling and he moves little bit and having snoring problem so is that the thing that keeps me away from Lucid dreaming or am I doing the process wrong?

      Thank you for replying!

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