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    Thread: I was close?

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      I was close?

      Hello I'm new here but I'm not new in Lucid Dreaming. My english is good but not best.
      So last night i decided to do WILD.
      I'm waking up a lot of times at night so i don't need alarm clock.
      So last night I woke up,type my dream in the dream journal and get out of bed,used toilet,drink something and i went back to bed.
      I was on my back(I was feeling sleepy) hands still and I was in this position for some minutes.
      And after some minutes I was feeling something I never feel before (Not SP,Hipnagogics) my body was maybe... Heavy.. Or something like that and my heart was pounding. I was thinking that I'm really close to enter SP or something but I changed position to my favourite and I think that this was bad idea (I readed somewhere that this will work). What dp you think? And what was this weird feelings? Maybe I should try to do it tonight and stand still in this position?

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      No. You're good. Whatever is comfortable, you should do. At the beginning, I concentrated too much on being stiff. Scratch that itch/flip around to a new sleeping position, it'll help you relax.

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