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      WILD with no dream?

      I tried WILD during a nap today, it wasn't in a good setting since I had tons of distractions. During nights I've had trouble with falling asleep while trying to be aware but this time I felt like all the distractions helped me. Again, I couldn't fall asleep while trying to be aware so I gave up and tried to just sleep for a bit. While waiting to fall asleep I had few moments when I realized that everything was quiet, this was absolutely wrong since my neighbours were loud and cars passed by my house all the time. I had no dreams to jump into and imagining myself in a setting wasn't working either, trying a motionless and nose-pinching RC brought all the noises back. I kept trying to fall asleep normally and soon enough I did, for a second. I thought this might be a false awakening because of how surreal it felt like since even if I can't recall a dream I do remember pretty much always if I had one, this time there was nothing. I RC'd but nothing.
      After this I fell asleep properly, woke up twice and those snippets felt like normal dreams and my last one I could remember clearer and in more detail than ever before, I wasn't lucid though.

      I remember reading about how one shouldn't try to WILD when first going to sleep because there will be no dream to enter. Is it possible I succeeded in a WILD but wasn't in the correct time of my REM cycle, which is why I woke up with the feeling of not dreaming at all? Of all my attempts this sure felt like the most succesful one even though I wasn't properly trying and didn't have a dream at all.

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      How exactly does one perform a motionless nose-pinch RC? Do you just hold your breath or something? In any case, I'm thinking you either didn't successfully make it into a lucid dream and were just in a hypnagogic state, or if you happened to be dreaming you woke up the second you heard the noises again. Trying to WILD before bed isn't advised against entirely because you don't dream during that period (there is such a thing as Non-REM/NREM dreams), but mostly because it just doesn't seem to work unless there are some strange circumstances involved (although napping is different and seems just fine for WILD attempts). The most important part of a WILD is actually being able to fall asleep, and having already slept a few hours (along with getting you started on REM cycles for the longest possible dreams) makes this significantly easier to do.

      Sageous could probably provide more input on WILDing and NREM dreams. He's a prolific WILDer and has had some experience and results in achieving it in early sleep states, iirc. I'm pretty sure you can read up about some of what he's discovered in the thread I'm linking you to below.


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