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    Thread: Stuck in in-between state

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      Stuck in in-between state

      Hello everyone!

      Today I went for yet another WILD attempt in the early morning.
      After a while I started feeling the usual vibrations and suddenly it stopped.
      I could feel my body, the crushing weight of my blanket on my chest which made it hard to breath and my hands were tightly interlocked. I could move however, but I didn't risk in order not to lose the progress.
      So, ~5 minutes went by and nothing happened... I just kept on breathing. 10 minutes, the same.
      I then decided to start creating a dream through visualisation. Although the visualization was very vivid, I still felt my body, firmly in bed. If, in my visualization included a lot of movement I would start to feel myself shake and fall in bed. However I always went back to that weird state. I even tried visualizing getting out of bed. I felt my feet touch the ground, I walked a bit, but there I was, back in bed...
      This went on for 20 minutes or so...

      What is happening here? Am I being impatient? Should I wait more? Or should I visualize more?
      Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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      In some cases, I've experienced the feeling and existence of both my physical body and dream body. It's not necessarily intuitive, and it's definitely a strange state to be in, but since it kept happening to me because I was teetering on the edge of sleep when taking a rare nap for some reason, I was able to exercise greater and greater control of the dream body and explore the environment while simultaneously still being aware of and existing like normal in my bed, lying down. I really can't explain how I was able to manage how I did that though, sorry. It's like trying to explain to somebody how I can move my left arm instead of my right leg. I basically just experimented and kind of... probed? (for the definite lack of a better word) ...or I guess "felt out" how to control the dream body while simultaneously preventing my physical body from moving at the same time, and while also avoiding the collapse of the weird psuedo-dream states I kept inducing myself to be in.

      I suppose the point of what I'm saying is, you can often be in a dream or some kind of altered state despite it feeling like you're still aware of or exist in your physical body, and it's also just as possible that you're actually dreaming that experience and it's just very convincing that you're in fact still awake.

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