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    Thread: Ashkore's WILD Guide

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      Ashkore's WILD Guide

      Ashkore's WILD Guide

      - Introduction

      This WILD guide is based off of sleep paralysis contrary to most other WILD guides where you either visualize your way into the dream or wait out your way into the dream.
      Please do note that while this is the method I have self-taught myself to use, pretty much the same method is already somewhere out there, so in no way I claim that this method is mine, it's just the one I use.

      Be aware that this guide isn't recommended if you aren't used or don't suffer from sleep paralysis!

      - Getting acquainted with sleep paralysis

      First off you have to get acquainted with sleep paralysis. I have "suffered" sleep paralysis from ~2011 to ~2013 but after that period of time I learned to chill through it.

      How to induce it

      There are many ways to induce sleep paralysis. However it can only be induced whenever you are near or within a REM cycle.

      Notable timestamps when REM happens are:

      When taking a nap, REM is very present the whole way throught

      • Approx ~1 hour to 1 hour and a half in after initially going to sleep
      • Approx 3 hours in after initially going to sleep
      • Approx 5 hours in after initially going to sleep
      • Approx 6 hours and a half in after initially going to sleep
      • Anywhere from 7 hours and a half to 9 hours in after initially going to sleep

      Now we're going to induce sleep paralysis! Here are the steps you should follow.

      1. Set your alarm to the relevant times provided in the timestamps above.
      2. Go to sleep as usual.
      3. When you are woken up by your alarm, you can move a bit, even wake up out of bed if you wish, try to keep all of this under 5 minutes or so.
      4. Go back to sleep, but stay as aware as you can be, try to "dissociate" from your body if you can, but don't force it, just keep cool and relaxed.
      5. If all goes well, within the next 5 minutes, you should suddenly start to feel "different", kinda light-headed, the best way I can describe this feeling is that feeling you get when you randomly wake up in the middle of the night, and you're very drowsy and it just feels so good to go back to sleep, well it's that feeling but amplified.
      6. That means sleep paralysis is incoming, usually within the next 10-15 seconds or so, just let it take over you, don't fight it, and keep cool and relaxed, nothing can hurt you.

      Additional steps you can take to increase chances of sleep paralysis is sleeping on your back and/or being extremely tired.

      Most common signs that you are well within sleep paralysis is that low vibration sound you hear, it can be pretty loud, or fairly quiet, come in waves or be constant, it really depends.

      It's pretty important to keep cool and relaxed during and before sleep paralysis, if at any moment you feel too uncomfortable in sleep paralysis, you aren't quite ready to move into WILD territory here.
      I cannot stress this enough, we all heard the stories of those scary monsters & demons in sleep paralysis, but sleep paralysis is just the natural process that keeps you from acting out your dreams and is completly harmless, if you keep cool and relaxed, then those scary monsters & demons won't bother you one bit.

      Extra tips

      • Whenever that feeling of "Sleep feels so good" hits you, you can tell yourself firmly in your mind a trigger mantra like: "I am in a lucid dream now", sleep paralysis got triggered instantly as I said that.

      - Entering the dream through sleep paralysis

      Now that you are acquainted with sleep paralysis, entering the dream is perhaps the easiest part.
      When you have completed the previous steps, or even simply find yourself randomly in a sleep paralysis, keep cool, keep relaxed, and simply roll out of bed. Like actually roll of out bed, yeah it's that simple.
      If you don't feel yourself rolling out of bed, wait a few seconds and try again.
      And when you finally start to roll out of bed, things may get a little dizzy, but you should now be within the dream, usually right in your bedroom or close to your bedroom if you haven't wished or visualized anything in particular.

      At this point, you should reality check just to make sure, but 99.9% of the time you'll land in a dream instead of actually waking up.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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