It is my 2nd WILD, 2nd lucid dream for this month and the 7th since I started to practice half a year ago.
My assumption was that tobacco will activate my acetylcholine receptors and thus help me to do WILD.

Dream Entry:
after sleeping for 6 hours I woke up at 4 am to smoke tobacco (an alternative to galantamine) and to incubate a lucid dream. from the moment that I woke up I repeated the mantra"I will have a lucid dream". I lighted the cigarette rolled with tobacco infused with Calea Zacatechichi tincture, and every puff i took I repeated my mantra. I finished to smoke and with the mantra in my head I returned to my room, put on earplugs and sleeping mask and laid on my back. I used the 62 points technique and counted from 1 to 100 and back in order to calm my mind and focus it. after doing it I started to repeat the mantra "The next that I see will be a dream". My breath felt heavy and my body was tense because of the tobacco (it activates the sympathetic nervous system - fight\flight). it seemed to take me a long time to relax, and I had different physical sensations in the while. It felt like an eternity behind my eyelids and I worried that soon my father will wake up and it would be too noisy to be able to fall asleep, as I am a very light sleeper in my house. I prayed and prayed to the spirit of the tobacco and to my subconscious self to take me to the dream world. after a while I decided to let go and simply wait until it will be too noisy to sleep or for a dream to manifest itself. at one point i decided to turn to my right side and take off my sleeping mask. I took it off my head but the mask remained. I realized I am dreaming immediately.

Conclusions and notes:
* Smoking tobacco proved to assist having a lucid dream in 1 out of 3 trails this week. must say that on the 3rd and successful trail I used it in the last dream period, and in the 2 others I smoked before going to sleep. I do not smoke on regular basis and therefore nicotine has a strong psychoactive effect on me. I don't think it will work for an habitual smoker.
* I used L-Triptophan before going to sleep to have a good deep sleep.
*I will roll the cigarette before going to sleep, so I wouldn't have to deal with it after waking up (duh ).
* I am going to prepare a smoking blend out of extracts of Calea, Blue Lotus, and Salvia divinorum extracts with Nicotina Rustica (Aztec tobaco, Mapacho - contains 9 times more nicotine than nicotina tobacum and also contains MAOi compounds). once it is prepared I will report back